Who is the Jack Bauer of SEO?

Well, obviously I do SEO for a living.  But I am an online marketing specialist blending pay per click, seo, and conversion tactics to optimize ROI for clients.  I also specialize in individual  internet security techniques and consultations.  What can you do to protect yourself and your family from online intrusions.

I’ve worked with several design and marketing companies and still do.  I am a freelancer and not formerly with any one company right now.  I’ve lived in a variety of places around the globe including 10,000ft above sea level to a mere 30 yards from the ocean.  From modern countries to places where electricity is golden.

If you are mad about me posting your cheating ways then I have words of advice for you:

  1. Don’t cheat.  Remove it.
  2. I’m actually helping you.  Removing it now may save you a complete banishment from Google when they correct their current spam policies.
  3. You don’t have to cheat.  Bending the rules here and there is no big deal and I won’t post those types.  It’s the absolute cheating that gets posted and Google can decide in the end.
  4. Why are you mad?  I gave you a link.

You can reach me at jackbauerofseo at yahoo.com

Feel free to contact me about work, advice, or just to offer comments or thoughts on the blog.


3 responses to “Who is the Jack Bauer of SEO?

  1. I will have to drop you a line for some advice.

  2. nice article ..helped me alot

  3. where can i learn seo professionally..is there any good book u can suggest

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