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Why Hasn’t the NBA Suspended the Ref Who Threw a Ball at a Fan?

Have you noticed the absolute silence on this issue?  Nothing from the NBA.  Nothing from the sports writers.  Nothing from the players association.


If you aren’t familiar with what happened here it is:

So we have an NBA official, Mr. Joe Derosa throwing a basketball at a fan who throws it back at him.  You can say ‘throw’, ‘toss’, whatever you want to call it but it doesn’t change the fact that an NBA ref initiated this exchange with a fan walking by.

Could you imagine an umpire in MLB doing this?   An NFL official?  Or even an NBA player?

And you can’t say this was a joke because Derosa then tried to get the fan thrown out by calling over security.

Derosa should have been immediately suspended from the rest of the playoffs and the NBA should have said we don’t condone this behavior.  Exactly what they would have done if a player had done this.  And why hasn’t the players association come out against this?

Maybe he’ll get suspended today but you can’t find any sports writers clamoring for his suspension or calling out the NBA once again with their officiating.  One day, the NBA will wake up and make their officials less player friendly like in baseball and football where you can’t touch them or it’s a penalty or an ejection.  I’ve never understood why the NBA let’s players come over and put their arm around officials.


Why NBA Teams Should Not Sign and Trade

I’ve never understood why so many NBA teams are willing to sign and trade their guys.  The argument for the sign and trade is that you don’t want to lose a player (asset) for nothing.  For instance, Cleveland would rather sign and trade Lebron than lose him for nothing.  But sometimes the sign and trade is not a smart move.

The most important thing to consider is what you are getting in return for signing and trading your player.  Are you getting a superstar or a has been or just filler that looks good on paper?  Let’s just say that Cleveland chose to sign and trade Lebron to the Mavericks for Caron Butler, Eric Dampier’s expiring contract, Roddy B, and a #1 pick.   It looks ok on paper for Cleveland as they get an all star in Caron and a young player with a big upside in Roddy B. but when you look closer it makes little sense.  Caron only has one year left on his deal and that #1 pick is worthless as is Damp’s contract.  (I chose this scenario off the top of my head so if the money doesn’t work out just ignore…trying to make a point here).

Cleveland should tell Lebron if he doesn’t want to play for them then fine go ahead and sign for much less money somewhere else.  Call his bluff or watch him take less money.  Yes you lose that player for nothing on the surface but you force another team to use their cap space on a free agent therefore they have very limited resources to sign anyone else.   This makes the market for the rest of the free agents out there decline as there is one less place to go.   And if a few teams refuse to sign and trade then all the teams with lots of cap space use it all up…forcing the rest of the free agents to look for smaller deals.

Why help a player leave your team?  Unless you are getting a superstar back in the deal. A good player will not make your team better.  It also makes it more difficult for very good teams to get even better.  Most very good teams are over the cap and can only use the mid level on free agents.  Why help them get stronger?

So Atlanta if Joe Johnson doesn’t want to resign with you then make him walk without a sign and trade.

Cleveland..don’t take back Luol Deng for Lebron?  That doesn’t help you at all.

Make Wade, Bosh, Lebron, Joe Johnson, Amare all take smaller deals than what their own team can give them.  Those 5 players would suck all the cap space from certain teams and make it much cheaper to sign the 2nd tier guys.

Suns vs Lakers Game 1 Thoughts

A few random thoughts on Game 1 last night:

  • Why can’t Channing Frye shoot on the road?   He’s such an asset at home but a waste of space on the road
  • Amare you had 3 rebounds in 35 mins.  No way the Suns can win with that performance.
  • Robin Lopez looked a little awkward running last night and I wonder if his back holds up for the entire series or if it is just a trust factor
  • Lamar Odom is really good sometimes
  • Lakers had 4 guys with 5 assists or more..that’s how basketball should be played
  • The Lakers shot 47% from 3pt range while the Suns only shot 23%..who would have thought that?

I don’t think we learned a whole lot from last nights game.  Kobe, Odom, Gasol, and Artest all had great shooting games which is why the Lakers won.  The Suns shoot much better at home so I don’t anticipate them losing at home but for the same reason it’s tough to see them winning in LA.

It’s gotta be tough to officiate this series with so many floppers out there in Fisher, Nash, Gasol, etc.   At the same time, you have guys like Kobe, Dudley, Artest, Amare, etc who like to use their hands on both offense and defense so a few calls either way could have a big impact.  Think about what happened to Grant Hill in the 3rd quarter.  Something to keep your eye on.

Alvin Gentry should be paid very well.

Protecting Yourself From The Dangers of Facebook

Note:  This is part one of a multi part series on how to protect yourself on Facebook

After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to jump back into the blogosphere with something that I’ve been mulling over the past few weeks.  The dangerous side of Facebook.  Scared yet?  Facebook offers the chance to stay connected and reconnect with old and new friends.  In theory, it’s great…we all use and love it.  But you know who else loves it?  Criminals.  Identity Thieves.  Petty Thieves and worse.

So why is Facebook dangerous?  Quite simply there is a lot of personal information on it which is viewable to an audience who normally wouldn’t have access.  Most criminals can’t do the background work on a’s a big obstacle to overcome and protects us all.  Facebook knocks down that protective wall and exposes us.  Let’s examine ways to protect yourself other than deleting or wiping your profile clean.

Part 1:  Your ‘Friends’ List:


Not my friends!  You can’t take my friends away from me!  Hold on there…are these 500 people really your friends?  When is the last time you talked to any of them?  When is the last time you saw some of them?  Do you know if they have a criminal history?

Step 1 is to scrub that friend list of anyone who you don’t really know.  I think a lot of us have accepted friend requests from someone who knows someone that we know…maybe we met this person once but we don’t know them.  Keep your friends list limited to just that friends.  People you know and trust.

Guidelines to scrubbing the friend list:

1) Have you ever met this person?

2) Have you met them more than once?

3) Do you really consider them a friend?  Would you refer to them as a ‘friend’ in normal conversation or would you say that you simply ‘know who they are’?

4) Do they have a criminal history?

5) Do they have a history of abusing drugs?

What about High School Friends?

Be careful who you accept as a friend from High School.  Just because you had English class with someone 15 years ago does not mean that you know them.  99% chance they are not the same person you remember.  They may be perfectly normal and a model citizen.  Or they could be strung out on drugs or have a history of violence in the past 5 years due to something occurring in their personal life.  You don’t know because you don’t really know them as a friend.

What about exes?  What about friends of ex’s?  I think Chris Rock said it best “if you haven’t contemplated killing someone then you haven’t loved a *$%#”.  Is that person really over you?  Is that persons friend ok with the way you treated your ex or the way they perceive you treated your ex?  See what I am getting at?  Maybe the ex is completely over you but one of their friends never forgave you for cheating on their friend…that would be problematic.

Friends who post a lot

This is a hard one.  We all have them.  The friends who spend their day on Facebook posting about every little thing they do.  These people typically have hundreds of friends and use multiple Facebook applications and they tell you what and where they eat lunch and how mad they are when it rains or it’s too hot.  These friends should scare the crap out of you.

If you and that friend do something…it’s getting posted on their wall.  They go to your bday party…it’s on the wall.  They go to your child’s bday’s on the wall.  They go feed your dog because you are out of town…it’s on their wall.  Their friends may be able to view info about your as well.  Make sure all your privacy settings restrict access to only your friends and not friends of friends.    A friend with an unscrubbed friend list is dangerous to you.  Maybe they like the way you look in your pic?  Maybe they like the way your car or house looks in your pic?

Your Teenaged Kids

This kind of runs together with the person who posts a lot.  Teenaged kids are the worst…Think about what their friend list may look like.  How many of their friends are petty thieves?  Your kid’s friends should not be able to view anything about you..keep them far far away from your profile.  Teenaged kids are very unstable in their relationships and easily influenced.  Not a good combo.  There are infinite possibilities that could occur and most of them are not pleasant.

In Summary

Avoid these types of friends on your Facebook Account:

1)       Remove friends that you don’t really know

2)      Remove friends that are simply acquaintances you’ve met through others

3)      Restrict access to your information including pics to ‘friends only’ and NOT ‘friends of friends’

4)      Remove High School friends who you have not seen, talked to, or plan to talk to ever again

5)      Consider removing friends who over post or ask them to not post information about your life..where you have been, where you live, etc

6)      Remove your teenaged kids

Part 2:  What information should you avoid putting into your Facebook Account?

Brad Johnson Should Start Over Tony Romo

I’m serious.  Look at what everyone is saying about Brad Johnson’s dominating pre season performance:

2. Brad Johnson. Can we now leave Brad Johnson alone? Finished two scoring drives including a long pass play.

Leave him alone?  Give him the starting job!  And look what Spagnola has to say over at

Johnson was razor sharp, and against the Broncos’ first-team defense, mind you, completing nine of 12 passes for 114 yards and one touchdown.

To those who say his arm is shot, we give you the mighty fine 37-yard pass to Austin streaking down the right sideline. To those who say he won’t hang in the pocket, we give you the perfectly thrown five-yard fade to Austin for a touchdown. And for those who wanted to insist after the San Diego game that he is so old he can’t make good decisions anymore, we give you the 11-yard pass to tight end Martellus Bennett, a nine-yarder to Isaiah Stanback and the six-yarder to Tony Curtis, showing he’s patient enough to take what the defense during a two-minute drill will give him.

I mean even Tony Romo gets into the act:

Tony Romo did, coming up from behind the team’s oldest player, throwing his arms around his 39-year-old shoulders, and with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen proclaim, “That’s 2001 right there; that’s Brad Johnson 2001.”

Romo spoke of his immediate backup, the soon-to-be 40-year-old quarterback who had a vintage year in 2001, leading his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl title, basically playing the same style of football then as so many are quick to criticize and want to retire him for now.

Brad Johnson is the only answer to the question “which QB can lead the cowboys to the super bowl”?  Don’t believe me?  Are you a Brad Johnson Hater/Doubter?  Then check out these stats:

Brad Johnson has a career passer rating of 83.1 (one year it was as high as 92.9!)…what’s Romo’s you ask?  A pathetic 96.5(worthless) and he’s already got almost 2 years of playing experience.  And Brad Johnson is clearly the more accurate passer (even though he only throws downfield and never dump offs) with a career mark of 61.8 compared to Romo’s erratic 64.4.  How Does Dallas expect to win anything with Romo?

Let’s talk TD’s.  Johnson once threw 26 TD’s in one year!  One freaking year!  So he threw 21 picks also…still 26!  Romo barely topped 35 TD’s last year.    Also, Brad knows how to get the ball downfield and show off his rocket arm with a career avg of 6.7 per attempt while Romo with his weak girly arm is afraid to go down the field and dumps the ball off at 8.3 per attempt.   You starting to get on the Brad Johnson express?

It’s pretty clear that Brad Johnson can not only still play in the NFL (he dominates in the pre season)but he just opened up an old fashioned can of quarterback controversy in Dallas (Hogeboom?).  Dallas can continue to sputter along with Romo or they can take a chance on the 39 year old young rocket arm of Brad Johnson.

My name is Brad,  Brad Johnson.

I keep the ladies in the 90’s, Cravin.

Who’s That Rocking the Spot,(It Brad Johnson)
Who’s that keepin it hot,(I’m Brad Johnson)
Who’s That Bringin the pain,(It’s Brad Johnson)

I’m Back

sorry for the lack of posts…had to do some travling overseas.

Sad News

The Frontier Inn is no more.  I had the pleasure of staying at the Frontier a few years ago and oh, how I will miss the worst buffet in all of Vegas and possibly the ugliest hotel there as well.  Here’s to you Frontier…here’s to you.