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Season 8 of 24 Still Sucks

Wow…what a piece of *(%#E)987 last night.

Is this what watching a soap opera is like?  It has to be..the over acting, bad camera work, stupid plot twists…this show blows now.  I mean really really blows.  It’s not even watchable anymore, the only reason I kept watching last night was so that I could do this blog post.  How sad is that?

Two good things about last night:  no president taylor and no renee.

Bad Things about last night:

  • Marco’s acting.  God that was awful.  I felt bad for everyone involved in that scene.  What casting director could possibly pick him to play a role?
  • Dana Walsh’s existence…kill her off now.  Toss Cole with her.  No one cares about either of these crappy characters and their whole subplot
  • President Hassan sucks too.  And what was up with that hug with his wife?  Is this an after school special?
  • Tarin and Kayla Hassan.  Fits the soap opera perfectly.  Hey let’s show them having sex for no other reason then that we need a sex scene.   And what a surprise?  The guy you have been showing closeups on is actually the twist in the plot!  He is a bad guy!  Why does 24 have to tip us off on every plot twist.  I’m actually expecting Tarin to be working under cover as a double agent.

Oh yeah one more thing…hey genius Marco…if Jack takes your mom to the nuke site…which would be impossible anyways as they won’t be letting people just walk there…he would die also.  Weak Weak Weak writing.

Let me also tell you who sucks behind the scenes:

Brad Turner who has been directing episodes since 2004.  Milan Cheylov who has directed episodes since 2007.

Brandon Braga who has been writing episodes since 2009.  Alex Gansa who also has been writing episodes since 2009.  Patrick Harbinson who has written 3 episodes in 2010.

Many Coto and David Fury who have produced episodes since 2005.  Ditto Brad Turner.  Brannon Braga and Alex Gansa have been co-executive producers the last two years when this show has gone in the tank.  Blame those idiots.

And Series Casting…which is absolutely horrible:  Debi Manwiller and Peggy Kennedy…Please quit your jobs today.   There was a specialty casting person who worked from 2002 – 2007..bring them back:  Patricia Homan Davila.

Why do they have all these Indian actors playing Iranians?   Is there anyone out there who is enjoying this season?


Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 Season 8 Sucks

If you thought season 7 of the TV show 24 was bad…season 8 is even worse.  It starts with the cast and the horrible acting on that show.

Freddie Prinz Jr?  Great NY accent!…I mean you really nailed that down.  You would think they could find a really good actor to play opposite Kiefer for all the action scenes.  But we are stuck with this piece of crap

Annie Wersching?  You brought her back?  One face?  You can’t bring back one face…you just can’t do it.  That Renee Walker character is not interesting at all and I’m sure everyone was hoping the Russian was going to just end her appearances on the show.  Unless, they Tony’d her which would be even worse.  Her showing up on this season just proves that everyone has mailed it in this season.

Cherry Jones as the president.  Please Please let’s see the Vice President so there is hope that she falls into a coma or something.  I can’t take her fake accent anymore!  I am to the point of fast forwarding through her scenes.

Hey I have an idea!  Let’s get a guy from India to play the president of Iran!  I know they don’t call it Iran but everyone knows that’s what they mean.

Jurgen Prochnow – the bad guy from Beer Fest!  I can’t take anything he says seriously and they actually call him “pa pa” in this show and in Beer Fest they called him “grandpa pa”.  You can’t make stuff like this up.

Alright I can’t think about this cast anymore so let’s move on to the creative plot that we have this year.

Who cares what happens to Dana Walsh?  These idiot writers introduced her story way way too early before any of the viewers had any attachment to her.  You introduce a side story like this after she has done something to build loyalty.  Right now..does anyone care if she gets fired?  She doesn’t do anything special.  I don’t care.  It reminds me of the time they had Jack’s daughter afraid of wolves or coyotes while there was a nuclear threat going on….

Peace Talks – does it really matter if we suspend the peace talks for a few days or a week?  I’m not buying the urgency here at all.  And the president keeps referring to the “region” when talking about this peace deal but it’s only with one country.  I guess you could make the case that the US occupies the rest of the countries in the region.  And does anyone really believe the president would urge another head of state to come back to the peace talks after he was almost killed?

And now she doesn’t want him to round up the people who tried to kill him?  Umm…ok.  “You guys almost got me…come and give me a hug”

Russian Bad Guys – they really had the Russian guy drinking vodka…they did do that!  I saw it.  Then they had the Russian whores, the tatoos…I smell a Russian roulette scene coming up very soon.

How come the Russian sons don’t have Russian accents?  And is there anyone alive who didn’t know the older son was going to drive straight to the doctor?

CTU – does anyone know what it is that they do now?  It looks like they have a boss, some computer people, Freddie Prinz, and tactical teams.  Oh and some drones that fly over NY airspace (sure).  I can’t figure out exactly who actually does anything over there…so far they have had two people walk in off the street and they are the one’s running the most important mission right now.  Don’t you think they would have field op’s that do this sort of thing all the time and would be pissed off that two people that don’t even work there are in charge on the ground?

Jack Following the car with Renee in it?  Two problems here:  one Jack shouldn’t be that stupid to follow the car immediately without thinking it could be a trick.  Two, if the Russians did set that up then don’t you think they would have been looking out the window to see if someone fell for the trick?  It was a dark alley…I think they could tell as soon as headlights came on.  All Russians should be upset at this portrayal of stupidity.

And why would the Russians smuggle uranium into the US of all places?  and how are they going to get it out?

Please make this the last season…end it already

Lazy Marketing

On Sunday, HBO decided to air this double feature.  Dennis Rodman's Movie

Vanilla Ice's Movie

This is a “premium” channel that I pay for.  Seriously?  How lazy are the people at HBO?  I expect this lineup from G4 or something but I get this on HBO.   It’s bad enough that stupid “Epic Movie” is on 25 times a week but you give me Dennis Rodman  and Vanilla Ice on a weekend…On a freaking weekend! 

I should get a refund for the entire year.  And for anyone who thinks that it would be funny to actually watch those movies…just sit through either one for more than 5 minutes…the novelty wears off fast and you are just hoping someone walks in with a shotgun to put you out of your misery.   But, then you think to yourself…if I die then then last thing I’m going to remember is Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice.  Please.  Don’t let it end this way. 

I hate you HBO.  I really hate you. You ruined my life with your Sunday lineup.

Quick NCAA Tournament Thoughts

If you are an NBA homer or just want to get jazzed up then check out Rosen’s article on how the NBA is sooo much better than NCAA.  Of course Rosen is just talking out of his ass so who cares.  College Basketball is much better than the NBA and this year’s tourney has been great so far. 

My quick thoughts:

  • A & M…soo close.  I can’t believe chunky Love hit that last fade-away. 
  • Who knew Del Curry’s son could shoot?  Shocking, right?  How many will he put up today?
  • I hate the Lopez brothers.  I don’t know why.  It’s like a cross between Noah and Neitzel.   And why do they have girls names?  I know there has to be some explanation but Robin and Brook?  Can’t root for you guys. 
  • The Longhorns are in trouble if Augustin gets into foul trouble.  They don’t have anyone to handle the ball other than him.  Mason and Abrams try but they can’t handle the pressure. 
  • I am so happy Duke lost.  I wish they would have lost in the first round.  I hate all Duke players past and present.  Enjoy watching the rest of the tournament. 
  • Why do I hate Duke so much?  Who cares, they suck.
  • Lose Arkansas.  Please Lose today.  I hate the beard
  • Tough loss UCONN.  AJ can play and that loss cost you a chance to move on.  and busted everyone’s bracket.
  • Memphis’ defense is still bad and UT Arlington couldn’t have played any better.  It’s amazing that they kept it that close without hitting 3 pointers.  That’s usually what keeps small schools in the game but UTA did it by going inside. 
  • Ian Eagle.  Ian freaking Eagle.  So close.  Can we get “Chappy Sinclair” for one game?  Is that too much to ask?

Ron Paul and Fox – what the other candidates should do.

I think most people can agree that it is unbelievable that Fox is getting away with excluding him from the debate after he pulled 10% in Iowa and is polling over that in New Hampshire.  Obviously, there is a sizable amount of Republicans who like his message of smaller government, getting out of Iraq, and his stance on taxes.  Now, how should the other candidates handle this?

Right now, they are saying very little.  I think I heard McCain mention something like “we’ll miss you tomorrow, Ron”.  Here’s what I would do if I were one of the five invited to Fox. 

  • Show Up
  • Wait for it to start
  • Then say on air:  “Due to the decision to exclude Ron Paul from this forum and the fact that the New Hampshire GOP has backed out, I feel that it best serves democracy and fairness if I choose not to participate”
  • Then walk off

What do you think the big story after the debate would be?  Imagine if McCain did this?  Every news story would be about that action and none of it about what was actually said during the forum/debate.  It would get you an enormous amount of press.  Plus, I think it would make you look more appealing to Paul’s supporters if he chooses to drop out at some point.  The Republicans will need all the votes they can get next November as they look very unappealing in a general election. 

I think it would really separate the candidates if this were to happen.  I think people are looking for something “different” and a candidate strong enough to lead the country.  And people love it when someone stands up for fairness. 

A couple of random things

Ran across some interesting things lately:

  • Brett throws up a lovefest over AlterBridge.  It’s Creed minus Scott Stapp. 
  •  Parcells will interview Jeff Ireland for the GM job with Miami.  ouch!  big loss for the boys.
  • I got an insider tip on a new contest by Vizio.  The site isn’t really up yet and voting doesn’t start till Jan 7th…but if you want a sneak preview check it out. 
  • What’s with the cell phone commercial selling the “Venus” phone to guys?  I can’t remember who does the commercial but as a guy I don’t want to own a phone called ‘Venus”. 
  • Can’t wait to see Rambo on Jan 25th.

Obama’s Lapel Pin

I can’t believe this actually made it on Fox News…oh wait, yes I can.  I expect nothing else from that crappy station. 

This over a pin!  A freaking pin.  It’s the Aids pin episode from Seinfeld but in real life.  Unbelievable.