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Quick Thoughts from Cowboys and Redskins Game

  • Strange that everyone is shocked that Alex Barron struggled against one of the better pass rushers in the league…there’s a reason a team like the Rams got rid of him
  • Larry Johnson you can’t go out of bounds in that situation…dive on the ground
  • Joey Galloway…starting WR…

And the worst play of the game for the Dallas Cowboys?  This will shock you but it was the throw by Tony Romo with about 30 seconds left in the game with the cowboys at around the 40 yard line.  Romo drops back and throws a horrible pass right to Carlos Rogers and 3 other Redskin defenders who end up dropping the interception to ice the game.  It was a horrible decision by Romo that should have cost the cowboys the game and resulted in every cowboys fan talking about what a bad decision Romo made but because Rogers dropped the easy interception everyone focuses on the below average Alex Barron.

Alex Barron is not the starting right tackle for the Dallas Cowboys so that can be corrected but Tony Romo is the starting QB and throws like that will be what costs the Dallas Cowboys.  Why did Romo make that throw?


Why Hasn’t the NBA Suspended the Ref Who Threw a Ball at a Fan?

Have you noticed the absolute silence on this issue?  Nothing from the NBA.  Nothing from the sports writers.  Nothing from the players association.


If you aren’t familiar with what happened here it is:

So we have an NBA official, Mr. Joe Derosa throwing a basketball at a fan who throws it back at him.  You can say ‘throw’, ‘toss’, whatever you want to call it but it doesn’t change the fact that an NBA ref initiated this exchange with a fan walking by.

Could you imagine an umpire in MLB doing this?   An NFL official?  Or even an NBA player?

And you can’t say this was a joke because Derosa then tried to get the fan thrown out by calling over security.

Derosa should have been immediately suspended from the rest of the playoffs and the NBA should have said we don’t condone this behavior.  Exactly what they would have done if a player had done this.  And why hasn’t the players association come out against this?

Maybe he’ll get suspended today but you can’t find any sports writers clamoring for his suspension or calling out the NBA once again with their officiating.  One day, the NBA will wake up and make their officials less player friendly like in baseball and football where you can’t touch them or it’s a penalty or an ejection.  I’ve never understood why the NBA let’s players come over and put their arm around officials.

Why NBA Teams Should Not Sign and Trade

I’ve never understood why so many NBA teams are willing to sign and trade their guys.  The argument for the sign and trade is that you don’t want to lose a player (asset) for nothing.  For instance, Cleveland would rather sign and trade Lebron than lose him for nothing.  But sometimes the sign and trade is not a smart move.

The most important thing to consider is what you are getting in return for signing and trading your player.  Are you getting a superstar or a has been or just filler that looks good on paper?  Let’s just say that Cleveland chose to sign and trade Lebron to the Mavericks for Caron Butler, Eric Dampier’s expiring contract, Roddy B, and a #1 pick.   It looks ok on paper for Cleveland as they get an all star in Caron and a young player with a big upside in Roddy B. but when you look closer it makes little sense.  Caron only has one year left on his deal and that #1 pick is worthless as is Damp’s contract.  (I chose this scenario off the top of my head so if the money doesn’t work out just ignore…trying to make a point here).

Cleveland should tell Lebron if he doesn’t want to play for them then fine go ahead and sign for much less money somewhere else.  Call his bluff or watch him take less money.  Yes you lose that player for nothing on the surface but you force another team to use their cap space on a free agent therefore they have very limited resources to sign anyone else.   This makes the market for the rest of the free agents out there decline as there is one less place to go.   And if a few teams refuse to sign and trade then all the teams with lots of cap space use it all up…forcing the rest of the free agents to look for smaller deals.

Why help a player leave your team?  Unless you are getting a superstar back in the deal. A good player will not make your team better.  It also makes it more difficult for very good teams to get even better.  Most very good teams are over the cap and can only use the mid level on free agents.  Why help them get stronger?

So Atlanta if Joe Johnson doesn’t want to resign with you then make him walk without a sign and trade.

Cleveland..don’t take back Luol Deng for Lebron?  That doesn’t help you at all.

Make Wade, Bosh, Lebron, Joe Johnson, Amare all take smaller deals than what their own team can give them.  Those 5 players would suck all the cap space from certain teams and make it much cheaper to sign the 2nd tier guys.

NFL Combine Changes

Why doesn’t the NFL make a few changes to their combine?

  1. Make players wear helmets
  2. Make players wear shoulder pads
  3. Make players wear football pants
  4. Hold film study sessions with a written test at the end to see if players pay attention and understand tendencies

I think these would be huge changes to the combine and they just make sense.  Players should be wearing what they play in when they run their 40 times and go through their drills.  I’d extend it to Pro Days as well.  I was watching Tim Tebow throw and it’s completely different throwing with a helmet and shoulder pads on than without.  Let’s see if he’s still accurate with that throwing motion.

I know that agents and current college players would be against this for the most part because all the 40 times would decrease but the NFL runs the thing so they can set the rules.  Why should the NFL care?  The closer they can get to simulating real game situations the better their scouting and evaluation should be and that means theoretically the owners will save money by drafting more efficiently.  That should be enough to both motivate and convince the owners and the NFL to make these changes.

Instead of arguing over overtime rule changes, why don’t they fix the combine?

Impact of Concussions on the NFL

I believe that the new policies on concussions will have a huge impact on the NFL and the upcoming labor agreement.


  1. Rosters will have to increase – there have been grumblings about this anyway
  2. Game Day Rosters will have to increase
  3. Injured Reserve may have to change and allow players to come back after 4 or 6 weeks
  4. A combination of the above will have to take place at some level

Remember the NFL is also looking to increase the number of games per year.  There is no way NFL teams can run under the current roster limits if players are held out longer for concussions and games are increased.  More players in the NFL means that the current dollar splits won’t suffice either.  Could make an already complicated labor agreement even moreso.

The Wade Phillips 3-4

What happened to it?  Here are some quotes from Tank Johnson:

“Bottom line is we are trying to do too many things. We are a talented enough group that we can do two or three things and beat the stew out of people,” Johnson said. “I think less is more when it comes to the talent we have. When you have so many talented players, give them a few things to do and give them a chance to get really good at it.”

Didn’t they hire Wade because they thought Bill Parcells defense was too simple and predictable?  I remember people saying that his defense would just line up and try to beat you by being physical.  Their first responibility was to stop the run and rushing the passer came second.  So now, the team is switching back to Parcells style.   Then why did we hire Wade and Stewart? 

Read this quote shortly after Wade was hired:

Last season, players voiced their concerns about the direction of the Cowboys defense. What bothered them? Not enough blitzing, creativity or positive results, they said.

And another quote from the preseason in 07

This defense will attempt to create havoc in any number of ways. The predictable 3-4 that we saw under coach Bill Parcells has been scrapped.

“I’ll let you guys decide from what you’re seeing if this defense is more creative,” said defensive end Marcus Spears, who had a fumble recovery that set up a touchdown.

“Everyone’s got a chance to make some plays. That’s what this defense allows you to do. It’s a totally different style from what we’ve played here in the past. You’ll see a lot of guys moving around, you’ll see blitzes from the weak side if the strong side isn’t working. That’s just what this defense is designed to do.”

Seems to me that the players, fans, and ownership wanted this new defense and now that it’s not working, they want to quit and go back to more of a Parcells defense.  Lots of excuses by those defensive players and not many plays.  Don’t make things simpler for them Wade…make them play better.

Post Dallas Cowboys Game Thoughts

Here’s your Monday Report for the underachieving:

  • I told you Brad Johnson sucks and the Rams dropped 3 INT’s yesterday.  It could have been a lot worse.  He threw high too many times and he has zero zip on his throws probably more due to his lack of leg strength at this point than lack of arm strength.
  • Marion Barber has fumbled 5 times in 7 games. That should worry everybody.  Romo has fumbled 6 times in 6 games.  In the last 8 games Barber has started we are 4-4. 
  • I’m going to say it because no one else seems to: Zach Thomas is not good.  Give me Akin back anyday.  Zach is small, old, and slow at this point in his career. 
  • That team really quit yesterday and as long as Jerry is the one that chews them out then it won’t work.  They need a coach to get their focus back. 
  • Nice job of creating another distraction by dressing Romo as the #2 QB.  If he can’t play then he’s the #3, if he is healthy enough for #2 then he starts.  Pretty simple.
  • I have  strong feeling that Galloway gets healthy this week and he and Antonio Bryant are going to put up huge numbers.

And one non-Cowboys thought:

Shut up John Kitna.  You are a below average qb who turns the ball over too much to whine all the time.  Orlovsky (as stupid as that safety was) hasn’t thrown a pick in the last two games and the Lions at least didn’t get blown out both weeks.   Your Career #’s of 152 TD’s and 151 INT’s speaks for itself.