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Lakers vs Magic on Sunday

So I actually watched most of an NBA game yesterday…well ok…maybe most of the 2nd half.  That was an accomplishment as I was more interested in Michigan State vs Michigan.

That horrible call by Bennett Salvatore almost swung the game to the Lakers…horrible call at the end of the game when he said that the alley-oop on the out of bounds play was in the cylinder.  That is the type of call that sets off NBA fans and the horrible officiating that takes place.  That entire game was called poorly for both teams…all the touch fouls, etc.  But that idiot made a game changing call taking away two points from the Magic in a critical moment.  Why would any official make that call?  He should be suspended a game for that.

Kobe…why haven’t you learned to play in an offense?  Yes, you can make a few passes here and there but you have no idea how to operate in an offense.  Lots of horrible shots by you down the stretch…sure some went in but they weren’t good shots.  And my favorite is after he hits the long 2 which he thinks is a 3..he starts celebrating to the camera and to the crowd but not with his teammates.  Hey how about thanking the guy who set that screen?  and then it gets called a two and he looks like an idiot.  love it.

Did I enjoy the game on Sunday?  Let’s just say that I wish someone had a replay of the Michigan St/Michigan game instead.  See you in the playoffs NBA.


NBA vs NCAA Basketball

Just a few differences I’ve noticed:

  • much less flopping in the NCAA and when players do flop it often isn’t called.  Love that part.  I think when a player flops that they should be called for a foul.  It’s out of control in the NBA.
  • for me, the zone defense makes the game more exciting.  A true zone defense forces teams to pass and move and find the open spots to score.  It cuts down on the 1 on 1  stuff and forces a player to drive against the entire other team. 
  • the shorter 3 point shot forces college teams to defend the perimeter at all times.   This has a couple of effects:  1) teams want to push the ball to get open 3’s off transition.  2) College players don’t get many wide open looks at the 3 point shot  3) defending so close on the perimeter opens up the lane for drives and dishes
  • The refs are letting the college players bump and push on the block and they don’t call as many touch fouls on drives.  This keeps the flow of the game intact and keeps the crowd in the game.  The NBA refs tend to call fouls that have no bearing on the play at all.  Little touch fouls on the perimeter where the player doesn’t even have the ball.  Let them play.

So there you go.

Quick NCAA Tournament Thoughts

If you are an NBA homer or just want to get jazzed up then check out Rosen’s article on how the NBA is sooo much better than NCAA.  Of course Rosen is just talking out of his ass so who cares.  College Basketball is much better than the NBA and this year’s tourney has been great so far. 

My quick thoughts:

  • A & M…soo close.  I can’t believe chunky Love hit that last fade-away. 
  • Who knew Del Curry’s son could shoot?  Shocking, right?  How many will he put up today?
  • I hate the Lopez brothers.  I don’t know why.  It’s like a cross between Noah and Neitzel.   And why do they have girls names?  I know there has to be some explanation but Robin and Brook?  Can’t root for you guys. 
  • The Longhorns are in trouble if Augustin gets into foul trouble.  They don’t have anyone to handle the ball other than him.  Mason and Abrams try but they can’t handle the pressure. 
  • I am so happy Duke lost.  I wish they would have lost in the first round.  I hate all Duke players past and present.  Enjoy watching the rest of the tournament. 
  • Why do I hate Duke so much?  Who cares, they suck.
  • Lose Arkansas.  Please Lose today.  I hate the beard
  • Tough loss UCONN.  AJ can play and that loss cost you a chance to move on.  and busted everyone’s bracket.
  • Memphis’ defense is still bad and UT Arlington couldn’t have played any better.  It’s amazing that they kept it that close without hitting 3 pointers.  That’s usually what keeps small schools in the game but UTA did it by going inside. 
  • Ian Eagle.  Ian freaking Eagle.  So close.  Can we get “Chappy Sinclair” for one game?  Is that too much to ask?

Make the NBA Better

I have voiced my displeasure with the NBA numerous times on this blog and I got to thinking tonight about how the Celtics and the Pistons are playing but I have zero interest in watching the game.  I care about the result but not watching the game. So I have an idea. 

A big problem with the games is how slow they are because of the foul calls.  The NBA tried to fix this problem by calling the game tighter and putting in the hand-check fouls…but I don’t think it has worked.  The NHL did a similar thing a few years ago and their scoring shot up.  The NBA hasn’t seen this type of result.  Why?  Simple, a penalty in the NHL is very costly and often leads to a goal whereas a foul in the NBA isn’t really a big deal. 

So why not reward fouls with 3 shots from now on and 4 shots if you are fouled while shooting a 3 pointer. 

This might cut down on guys fouling players who have open layups and dunks which is what fans want to see.  But, in today’s game most of these never happen because guys will just take the foul instead to “save two points”.  But, if it were 3 shots…then it might cut down on this.  I think several things could happen

  1. Players who get sick of being fouled when they drive will start driving again.  I’m talking to you T-MAC, you won’t have to worry about getting fouled everytime you drive and get a clean look…and if you do you can get 3 points out of it. 
  2. It would make guys who can’t shoot foul shots almost unplayable.  This would force guys to spend the extra hours to get their % up to at least 70-75. 
  3. It would pretty much eliminate the “end of game fouls”.  You know what I’m talking about.  The I’m down by 10 points with 1:20 left so I’m going to just keep fouling and fouling and hope the other team misses their shots.  Well, now those are worth 3 shots so the other team can put this out of reach…fast.
  4. It would result in less fouls, less stops in play, more scoring, and more highlights.

What do you think?  Someone ask Cuban.

College Basketball is Finally Here!

I love it.  And we already have people talking about the tournament

The power 16 from ESPN.

1 North Carolina 0-0 You can’t go wrong with the Heels, Memphis or UCLA. Other than Deon Thompson replacing Brandon Wright, what you see is what you saw last season, when UNC should have been in Atlanta
2 Memphis 0-0 Must find a shooter to replace Jeremy Hunt, but the Tigers are loaded and primed to make good after two Elite Eight ousters. Is Derrick Rose the piece that makes the dribble-drive motion offense title-caliber
UCLA 0-0 Exit Arron Afflalo, enter Kevin Love to anchor the nation’s best frontcourt. If Josh Shipp and Co. can provide enough from the wing, a third straight Final Four is a real possibility

And we have the pre season all american team