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Why Hasn’t the NBA Suspended the Ref Who Threw a Ball at a Fan?

Have you noticed the absolute silence on this issue?  Nothing from the NBA.  Nothing from the sports writers.  Nothing from the players association.


If you aren’t familiar with what happened here it is:

So we have an NBA official, Mr. Joe Derosa throwing a basketball at a fan who throws it back at him.  You can say ‘throw’, ‘toss’, whatever you want to call it but it doesn’t change the fact that an NBA ref initiated this exchange with a fan walking by.

Could you imagine an umpire in MLB doing this?   An NFL official?  Or even an NBA player?

And you can’t say this was a joke because Derosa then tried to get the fan thrown out by calling over security.

Derosa should have been immediately suspended from the rest of the playoffs and the NBA should have said we don’t condone this behavior.  Exactly what they would have done if a player had done this.  And why hasn’t the players association come out against this?

Maybe he’ll get suspended today but you can’t find any sports writers clamoring for his suspension or calling out the NBA once again with their officiating.  One day, the NBA will wake up and make their officials less player friendly like in baseball and football where you can’t touch them or it’s a penalty or an ejection.  I’ve never understood why the NBA let’s players come over and put their arm around officials.


Suns vs Lakers Game 1 Thoughts

A few random thoughts on Game 1 last night:

  • Why can’t Channing Frye shoot on the road?   He’s such an asset at home but a waste of space on the road
  • Amare you had 3 rebounds in 35 mins.  No way the Suns can win with that performance.
  • Robin Lopez looked a little awkward running last night and I wonder if his back holds up for the entire series or if it is just a trust factor
  • Lamar Odom is really good sometimes
  • Lakers had 4 guys with 5 assists or more..that’s how basketball should be played
  • The Lakers shot 47% from 3pt range while the Suns only shot 23%..who would have thought that?

I don’t think we learned a whole lot from last nights game.  Kobe, Odom, Gasol, and Artest all had great shooting games which is why the Lakers won.  The Suns shoot much better at home so I don’t anticipate them losing at home but for the same reason it’s tough to see them winning in LA.

It’s gotta be tough to officiate this series with so many floppers out there in Fisher, Nash, Gasol, etc.   At the same time, you have guys like Kobe, Dudley, Artest, Amare, etc who like to use their hands on both offense and defense so a few calls either way could have a big impact.  Think about what happened to Grant Hill in the 3rd quarter.  Something to keep your eye on.

Alvin Gentry should be paid very well.

Yes that was a foul. And yes it should have been called.

The big talk this morning is over the non-call on Derek Fisher when he jumped into Brent Barry.  David DuPree over at Cnnsi weighs in saying

Was Barry fouled? Absolutely.

Should it have been called? Absolutely not.

It’s all about consistency.

How is not calling a foul being consistent? 

And Johnny Ludden over at Yahoo Sports chimes in with this:

Barry’s wrong. Crawford should have called it. But maybe Crawford already knew what the Spurs should have known.

On this night, just like four years ago, the Lakers were better.

Nice cop-out.  Yes that foul should have been called but because the Lakers out-played the Spurs it doesn’t matter.  umm okay.  How about the bonehead plays by Kobe down the stretch…Lakers still deserve to win?

True Hoop over at Espn says the foul should have been called.

Before I get started on this let me just say that I hate the Spurs.  They are my least favorite team in the NBA.  I always root for them to lose.  I hate all their whiney players and flopping.  But, last night Brent Barry drew a foul on Derek Fisher and the worst ref in the league Joey Crawford swallowed his whistle.   Here is the key part of that play that I would like everyone to think about.  Brent Barry faked and Derek Fisher bit on the fake.  That was a terrible play by Fisher and he should have been penalized by it.  Barry’s strategy was better than Fisher’s and he didn’t get rewarded for it because some say he didn’t “sell” it enough.  Back to the flopping. 

So players are going to have to flop to get the call.  Refs in the NFL make calls all the time at the end of games…roughing calls, holding calls, off sides, fall starts…it doesn’t matter.  Derek Fisher is the one that screwed up.  I’ve had to sit and watch Fisher flop year after year with his terrible defense (it’s all based on him drawing charges off his flops) and horrible shot.   And the idiot Crawford (why is he still employed anyway?) bails him out again. 


Correcting the NBA Draft Lottery

I am so sick of hearing this argument.  Let’s get rid of the lottery!  Let’s fix the lottery!  Let’s leave it the same!

Look, it’s so simple.  Now stay with me.  First of all, the system is broke and needs to be fixed and the best part is that there is a really really easy solution. 

The draft lottery is set on March 1st.  If you are the worst team on March 1st then you get the first pick in the draft.  And the rest of the picks fall in order with the exception of any teams that make the playoffs…those teams will be seeded by record after all non-playoff teams are seeded. 

This will prevent teams from benefitting from tanking at the end of the season…Miami.  They tanked game after game this season in March and April.  It will also allow NBA teams to play their young players at the end of the year without affecting the order of the draft.  If a team sucks on March 1st then they suck and the worst team on March 1st should get that 1st pick.  Because all teams are competing up until March 1st and if you are getting beat during that time then yeah you are the worst team in the league and should get the 1st pick.  In March and April, teams who are already out of the playoffs start resting guys who otherwise would play and they do nothing to better the team..knowing that they need the draft pick. 

Many NFL fantasy leagues are run similar.  Whoever has the worst record after week 12 gets the 1st pick in the draft.  Because any one who has played fantasy football knows that if an owner is clearly out of the playoffs those last few weeks then they tank…either on purpose or just stop paying attention and start guys who are injured,etc.  I’m surprised someone as smart as Mark Cuban hasn’t presented this as a solution. 

Easy solution NBA.  There’s no real argument against it. 

Chris Paul takes a shot at Avery Johnson

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but after Game 4, Hornets guard Chris Paul took a shot at Mavs coach Avery Johnson after the game on TNT.  He was asked about his own coach, Byron Scott and Paul responded by explaining how Scott allows his players to make mistakes and doesn’t pull them from the game immediately after a mistake.  He went on to say that he let’s his players play. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Dallas Mavericks and their coach Avery Johnson, then this might mean nothing but one of the big criticisms of Avery is that he is too controlling on the court.  You don’t have to read too far in between the lines to see that Paul was making a comparison to Avery when talking about his own coach.  Josh Howard has been upset ever since the Devin Harris trade and one of the big reasons that Devin was traded is because Avery never trusted him enough to let him run the team.  I think we can guess that Josh and Devin have voiced their displeasure with Avery’s style to other players around the league and most likely to Paul.  Otherwise, why would Paul make that statement…it had to be on his mind. 

Avery will probably be a good coach in his next job but his inexperience has made his current job a failure.  Anyone thinking of hiring Mark Jackson should reconsider until he has proven himself as a coach and until he has experience dealing with players and their egos as a coach and not a veteran player.  

Avery’s coaching style doesn’t produce enjoyable basketball for his players.  They don’t look like they are having any fun and I think it’s because they don’t believe in him or his style of coaching.  The Mavs are quickly becoming the Sacramento Kings as their window is closing with many of their players on the wrong side of their careers such as eddie jones, jason kidd, devean george, stackhouse, dampier, juwan howard, and tyronn lue. 

Random Sports Notes

Just thought I’d throw out some opinions.

  • Tom Hicks is accusing Juan Gonzalez of using steroids (Juan should accuse Hicks of using cocaine)  What is Hicks thinking?  You can’t just throw one player under the bus.  oh wait, this is Tom Hicks…so of course you can.
  • Did anyone watch the finals last night?  I sure didn’t…not even a minute of it
  • Juwan Howard for Mike James…wow.  great signing by the T-wolves last year huh?  Do the Rockets have any interest in acquiring guys who are athletic?
  • Mike Nolan gets to wear a suit at home games.  Finally a no brainer decision by a commissioner…someone please convince Stern to quit.   Goodell has really been impressive so far.

I am 0 for 3 on the NBA Finals

I can’t watch it.  I have zero interest.  I haven’t seen the ratings for game 3 but I know the first two games were way down. 

The San Antonio Spurs’ lopsided victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, pitted against the series finale of “The Sopranos,” drew a 5.6 national rating and a 10 share on ABC on Sunday night. That’s down 30 percent from the 8.0/14 received by the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat in 2006.

The ratings for Game 1 fell 19 percent from last year.

 How will the NBA respond to this?  There are so many complaints out there such as:

  • flopping
  • size of the court
  • bad play in general
  • bad officiating
  • bad announcing
  • playoffs are too long
  • too many days off between games

Did I leave any out?  I think it’s time for David Stern to go.

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