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Why NBA Teams Should Not Sign and Trade

I’ve never understood why so many NBA teams are willing to sign and trade their guys.  The argument for the sign and trade is that you don’t want to lose a player (asset) for nothing.  For instance, Cleveland would rather sign and trade Lebron than lose him for nothing.  But sometimes the sign and trade is not a smart move.

The most important thing to consider is what you are getting in return for signing and trading your player.  Are you getting a superstar or a has been or just filler that looks good on paper?  Let’s just say that Cleveland chose to sign and trade Lebron to the Mavericks for Caron Butler, Eric Dampier’s expiring contract, Roddy B, and a #1 pick.   It looks ok on paper for Cleveland as they get an all star in Caron and a young player with a big upside in Roddy B. but when you look closer it makes little sense.  Caron only has one year left on his deal and that #1 pick is worthless as is Damp’s contract.  (I chose this scenario off the top of my head so if the money doesn’t work out just ignore…trying to make a point here).

Cleveland should tell Lebron if he doesn’t want to play for them then fine go ahead and sign for much less money somewhere else.  Call his bluff or watch him take less money.  Yes you lose that player for nothing on the surface but you force another team to use their cap space on a free agent therefore they have very limited resources to sign anyone else.   This makes the market for the rest of the free agents out there decline as there is one less place to go.   And if a few teams refuse to sign and trade then all the teams with lots of cap space use it all up…forcing the rest of the free agents to look for smaller deals.

Why help a player leave your team?  Unless you are getting a superstar back in the deal. A good player will not make your team better.  It also makes it more difficult for very good teams to get even better.  Most very good teams are over the cap and can only use the mid level on free agents.  Why help them get stronger?

So Atlanta if Joe Johnson doesn’t want to resign with you then make him walk without a sign and trade.

Cleveland..don’t take back Luol Deng for Lebron?  That doesn’t help you at all.

Make Wade, Bosh, Lebron, Joe Johnson, Amare all take smaller deals than what their own team can give them.  Those 5 players would suck all the cap space from certain teams and make it much cheaper to sign the 2nd tier guys.


Lebron and Darfur

I just ran across this story.  LeBron refuses to sign a document by his teammate Ira Newble where Newble writes the following:

“China cannot be a legitimate host to the premier international event in the sporting world – the Summer Olympic Games – while it remains complicit in the terrible suffering and destruction that continues to this day,”

So LeBron doesn’t sign because he doesn’t have enough information on the issue.  Okay LeBron, well ask Ira about it or go read an article and come back to us and tell us whether you will sign it now?

Also, why is this article completely focused on LeBron and now on Ira Newble.  Why is Ira Newble doing this?  Shouldn’t he be commended over this, let’s give him some air time.  This is a guy who has battled to make it in the NBA, he played in the CBA for awhile and is really a fringe player but yet decides to try and make an impact on the suffering happening in Darfur.   Hey, David Stern there’s some good press for you…but you’ll have to take on the Chinese Government…ahh nevermind.

Let’s applaud him and not focus on one spoiled athlete who refuses to sign it.   

Grant Hill…career over?

I wonder if Grant Hill will call it a career.  I believe his contract is up and his numbers are down.  He’s probably not completely healthy and you just have to wonder if he wants to continue.  I haven’t heard anyone talking about it but it really will be sad to see him go. 

He was Lebron James before Lebron in my opinion.  The are both 6-8, can rebound like a forward and pass like a guard.  Neither can shoot 3’s and they both have carried teams to the playoffs.  Look at Lebron’s stats

Now Grant Hill’s stats.

The difference for me is that Grant Hill was allowed to speak in his commercials and really was poised to be the next marketing chip for the NBA.  I never see James get to speak in his commercials.  Grant Hill could play the part of MJ in ads, I don’t see James being able to or maybe he’s just not getting the chance. 

It also makes me see that Lebron is one injury away from becoming mediocre, that’s what happened to Grant Hill.  Hill played on a broken ankle desparately trying to get his team to the finals and ruined it and his career.  I wonder if he would do it all over again…I mean he makes his money either way but was the anguish and pain of surgery and rehab worth it? 

I believe for Grant Hill it would be…he’d want that chance to win a championship.  If this is the end for him then I hope he gets the appreciation he deserves from the NBA, it’s fans and the Detroit Pistons.