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Impact of Concussions on the NFL

I believe that the new policies on concussions will have a huge impact on the NFL and the upcoming labor agreement.


  1. Rosters will have to increase – there have been grumblings about this anyway
  2. Game Day Rosters will have to increase
  3. Injured Reserve may have to change and allow players to come back after 4 or 6 weeks
  4. A combination of the above will have to take place at some level

Remember the NFL is also looking to increase the number of games per year.  There is no way NFL teams can run under the current roster limits if players are held out longer for concussions and games are increased.  More players in the NFL means that the current dollar splits won’t suffice either.  Could make an already complicated labor agreement even moreso.


West Nile Virus News

Last year in my neighborhood, someone died from it so however unlikely it is…you should at least take some precautions.  I am surprised out how early the virus is showing up though.

San Diego is already getting a taste of it this year.

More dead birds infected with West Nile virus have been found in San Diego County. It’s the earliest time of the year the disease has ever been detected here. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has the story.

In January, a red-tailed hawk was found in Escondido with West Nile virus. Since then, the disease has been detected in at least five other birds in various parts of the County.

Mississippi got their first west nile virus case. 

And Florida is dealing with Eastern equine encephalitis cases (EEE).

State agriculture officials say they’re seeing an outbreak of a mosquito-borne disease that can kill horses.

Last year, the state saw 18 cases of Eastern equine encephalitis. There have been nine cases already this year. The season typically starts in May.

I wonder how bad mosquitoes will end up being this summer?  I actually already started preparing my yard just in case it was as bad as last year.  I won this thing called the “skeeter defeater – mosquito killer“, it’s a mosquito repellent device in a contest a few months back and thought I’d hook it up early.   It automatically sprays in the morning and evening so I don’t have to do anything…which I like.  Haven’t seen any mosquitoes yet but it may be too early for them. 

I’d be interested to see if this becomes the big issue of the summer.

Oranges with No Seeds

So this is very random but I was eating an orange today and noticed that there were no seeds in it at all.  Why is that?

Are oranges supposed to have seeds?  Does this say anything about their ripeness or better yet whether they are naturally made or engineered?   Or are they like watermelons where some are seedless?  (although this wasn’t under that heading at the store)

curious if anyone has any thoughts because I’m too lazy to look it up…