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Quick Thoughts from Cowboys and Redskins Game

  • Strange that everyone is shocked that Alex Barron struggled against one of the better pass rushers in the league…there’s a reason a team like the Rams got rid of him
  • Larry Johnson you can’t go out of bounds in that situation…dive on the ground
  • Joey Galloway…starting WR…

And the worst play of the game for the Dallas Cowboys?  This will shock you but it was the throw by Tony Romo with about 30 seconds left in the game with the cowboys at around the 40 yard line.  Romo drops back and throws a horrible pass right to Carlos Rogers and 3 other Redskin defenders who end up dropping the interception to ice the game.  It was a horrible decision by Romo that should have cost the cowboys the game and resulted in every cowboys fan talking about what a bad decision Romo made but because Rogers dropped the easy interception everyone focuses on the below average Alex Barron.

Alex Barron is not the starting right tackle for the Dallas Cowboys so that can be corrected but Tony Romo is the starting QB and throws like that will be what costs the Dallas Cowboys.  Why did Romo make that throw?


NFL Combine Changes

Why doesn’t the NFL make a few changes to their combine?

  1. Make players wear helmets
  2. Make players wear shoulder pads
  3. Make players wear football pants
  4. Hold film study sessions with a written test at the end to see if players pay attention and understand tendencies

I think these would be huge changes to the combine and they just make sense.  Players should be wearing what they play in when they run their 40 times and go through their drills.  I’d extend it to Pro Days as well.  I was watching Tim Tebow throw and it’s completely different throwing with a helmet and shoulder pads on than without.  Let’s see if he’s still accurate with that throwing motion.

I know that agents and current college players would be against this for the most part because all the 40 times would decrease but the NFL runs the thing so they can set the rules.  Why should the NFL care?  The closer they can get to simulating real game situations the better their scouting and evaluation should be and that means theoretically the owners will save money by drafting more efficiently.  That should be enough to both motivate and convince the owners and the NFL to make these changes.

Instead of arguing over overtime rule changes, why don’t they fix the combine?

Impact of Concussions on the NFL

I believe that the new policies on concussions will have a huge impact on the NFL and the upcoming labor agreement.


  1. Rosters will have to increase – there have been grumblings about this anyway
  2. Game Day Rosters will have to increase
  3. Injured Reserve may have to change and allow players to come back after 4 or 6 weeks
  4. A combination of the above will have to take place at some level

Remember the NFL is also looking to increase the number of games per year.  There is no way NFL teams can run under the current roster limits if players are held out longer for concussions and games are increased.  More players in the NFL means that the current dollar splits won’t suffice either.  Could make an already complicated labor agreement even moreso.

Brad Johnson Should Start Over Tony Romo

I’m serious.  Look at what everyone is saying about Brad Johnson’s dominating pre season performance:

2. Brad Johnson. Can we now leave Brad Johnson alone? Finished two scoring drives including a long pass play.

Leave him alone?  Give him the starting job!  And look what Spagnola has to say over at

Johnson was razor sharp, and against the Broncos’ first-team defense, mind you, completing nine of 12 passes for 114 yards and one touchdown.

To those who say his arm is shot, we give you the mighty fine 37-yard pass to Austin streaking down the right sideline. To those who say he won’t hang in the pocket, we give you the perfectly thrown five-yard fade to Austin for a touchdown. And for those who wanted to insist after the San Diego game that he is so old he can’t make good decisions anymore, we give you the 11-yard pass to tight end Martellus Bennett, a nine-yarder to Isaiah Stanback and the six-yarder to Tony Curtis, showing he’s patient enough to take what the defense during a two-minute drill will give him.

I mean even Tony Romo gets into the act:

Tony Romo did, coming up from behind the team’s oldest player, throwing his arms around his 39-year-old shoulders, and with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen proclaim, “That’s 2001 right there; that’s Brad Johnson 2001.”

Romo spoke of his immediate backup, the soon-to-be 40-year-old quarterback who had a vintage year in 2001, leading his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl title, basically playing the same style of football then as so many are quick to criticize and want to retire him for now.

Brad Johnson is the only answer to the question “which QB can lead the cowboys to the super bowl”?  Don’t believe me?  Are you a Brad Johnson Hater/Doubter?  Then check out these stats:

Brad Johnson has a career passer rating of 83.1 (one year it was as high as 92.9!)…what’s Romo’s you ask?  A pathetic 96.5(worthless) and he’s already got almost 2 years of playing experience.  And Brad Johnson is clearly the more accurate passer (even though he only throws downfield and never dump offs) with a career mark of 61.8 compared to Romo’s erratic 64.4.  How Does Dallas expect to win anything with Romo?

Let’s talk TD’s.  Johnson once threw 26 TD’s in one year!  One freaking year!  So he threw 21 picks also…still 26!  Romo barely topped 35 TD’s last year.    Also, Brad knows how to get the ball downfield and show off his rocket arm with a career avg of 6.7 per attempt while Romo with his weak girly arm is afraid to go down the field and dumps the ball off at 8.3 per attempt.   You starting to get on the Brad Johnson express?

It’s pretty clear that Brad Johnson can not only still play in the NFL (he dominates in the pre season)but he just opened up an old fashioned can of quarterback controversy in Dallas (Hogeboom?).  Dallas can continue to sputter along with Romo or they can take a chance on the 39 year old young rocket arm of Brad Johnson.

My name is Brad,  Brad Johnson.

I keep the ladies in the 90’s, Cravin.

Who’s That Rocking the Spot,(It Brad Johnson)
Who’s that keepin it hot,(I’m Brad Johnson)
Who’s That Bringin the pain,(It’s Brad Johnson)

What Green Bay Should do with Farve

I tried to stay out of it.  I really did but I can’t anymore.

Green Bay trade Aaron Rodgers to Kansas City.  Start Farve this year and go for the super bowl.  You have Brohm behind him for the future and I would be that Brohm will be a better QB than Rodgers.  Not right now but a year or two from now. 

Green Bay’s offense is stacked and their defense is good except for their DT’s.  They need to make a run this year and could do it with Farve.  I just don’t see the need for them to gamble on Rodgers at this point.  If they were rebuilding or if Rodgers had proven that he was really good then yeah…but neither of those has happened. 

KC would have control over Rodgers for two years.  The Packers get a pro bowler and make another run.  KC gambles on a 1st rounder instead of Croyle…who doesn’t offer a lot of hope.   But, here’s why it won’t happen:

  • McCarthy wants that entire team to worship him and Farve won’t do it.  He’s a control freak who can’t get Farve under control. 
  • Farve waited too long for this.  Should have done it in June at the last mini camp. 
  • Neither side wants to lose the pissing contest
  • Green Bay didn’t hire Ari to sit around and do nothing. 

Correcting the NBA Draft Lottery

I am so sick of hearing this argument.  Let’s get rid of the lottery!  Let’s fix the lottery!  Let’s leave it the same!

Look, it’s so simple.  Now stay with me.  First of all, the system is broke and needs to be fixed and the best part is that there is a really really easy solution. 

The draft lottery is set on March 1st.  If you are the worst team on March 1st then you get the first pick in the draft.  And the rest of the picks fall in order with the exception of any teams that make the playoffs…those teams will be seeded by record after all non-playoff teams are seeded. 

This will prevent teams from benefitting from tanking at the end of the season…Miami.  They tanked game after game this season in March and April.  It will also allow NBA teams to play their young players at the end of the year without affecting the order of the draft.  If a team sucks on March 1st then they suck and the worst team on March 1st should get that 1st pick.  Because all teams are competing up until March 1st and if you are getting beat during that time then yeah you are the worst team in the league and should get the 1st pick.  In March and April, teams who are already out of the playoffs start resting guys who otherwise would play and they do nothing to better the team..knowing that they need the draft pick. 

Many NFL fantasy leagues are run similar.  Whoever has the worst record after week 12 gets the 1st pick in the draft.  Because any one who has played fantasy football knows that if an owner is clearly out of the playoffs those last few weeks then they tank…either on purpose or just stop paying attention and start guys who are injured,etc.  I’m surprised someone as smart as Mark Cuban hasn’t presented this as a solution. 

Easy solution NBA.  There’s no real argument against it. 

What are the Cowboys Doing?

So much for a quiet off-season. 

First, we have the trade rumors with the Dolphins.  The rumor is the cowboys are thinking of trading Barber and picks for the 1st pick in the draft where they can draft McFadden.  I don’t see how this really works for both teams as Miami is already paying Ronnie Brown big money and I don’t think they’d invest more in the running back position.  The only thing I can think of is maybe they will be comparable to the vikings who have Taylor and AP and maybe Parcells is willing to do anything to avoid paying the huge signing bonus to the 1st pick in the draft.

For the Cowboys, they would be taking on a huge contract at a time where they are going to have to start making some tough decisions on players salaries.  This move would be a gamble to win next year at all costs…something Jerry would do (crap now I believe the rumors).  Jerry may think he needs more star-power on this team because TO’s age will no doubt make him very average, very soon.  Or maybe his Arkansas roots are firmly entrenched in his brain. 

The next situation brewing over at Valley Ranch is the hiring of some “big name” assistant coaches.  Jerry brought back some guys from the 90’s in Houck and Campo.  I don’t see the reason in bringing Campo back…yes he is a good secondary coach but he’s got too much of a reputation here to just be a normal position coach.  The media is too close to him and if things go bad they will get him to talk.  Houck I’m ok with but the rumor is Wade had someone else in mind. 

The Dom Capers situation is spiraling out of control rather quickly.  Apparently, Brian Stewart told Capers that he wasn’t too comfortable with Capers being hired onto the staff and this prompted Capers to turn the job down, only to have Jerry and Co. pursue him further and try to talk him into coming anyway.  Let me get this straight:

Wade is a defensive minded coach and that is his “specialty” and why you hired him.  He then hand-picked his Def Coordinator and had the defense playing much better last year even with injuries to the secondary and the loss of Jason Ferguson.  The team goes 13-3 and lost a playoff game because the offense didn’t score enough points…same reason they lost in Seattle the year before.  So Jerry goes out and hires one former Head Coach in Campo and is trying to hire another in Capers.  Why?  Does this defense need that much help?  What about Garrett? 

Last year, Garrett had Sporano on the staff but this year he is on his own and apparently Jerry is just fine with that instead choosing to go after big name coaches on the other side of ball.  The chain of command will be screwed if Capers comes aboard.  It will make Stewart a non-factor and wouldn’t surprise me if the players tuned him out.  And if that happens, how long before Wade gets tuned out with players knowing he is a lame-duck coach? 

It’s as if Jerry is setting up the coaching staff for Jason Garrett even though he isn’t the current head coach.  This type of thing can absolutely destroy a team.  I wonder if Jerry is trying to “up” Parcells.  Parcells raided the Cowboys and maybe Jerry wants to really send him a message that says “hey Bill, you didn’t hurt us at all….see who I hired”. 

There are those that say Stewart should be more than willing to accept Capers on the staff…but those people are fooling themselves or have never been a leader or in a position of real power in an organization.  That hire would be a clear message to the players on that football team that Stewart is irrelevant and also that Wade is irrelevant in Jerry’s mind.  Hell of a way to start the off-season.

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