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Season 8 of 24 Still Sucks

Wow…what a piece of *(%#E)987 last night.

Is this what watching a soap opera is like?  It has to be..the over acting, bad camera work, stupid plot twists…this show blows now.  I mean really really blows.  It’s not even watchable anymore, the only reason I kept watching last night was so that I could do this blog post.  How sad is that?

Two good things about last night:  no president taylor and no renee.

Bad Things about last night:

  • Marco’s acting.  God that was awful.  I felt bad for everyone involved in that scene.  What casting director could possibly pick him to play a role?
  • Dana Walsh’s existence…kill her off now.  Toss Cole with her.  No one cares about either of these crappy characters and their whole subplot
  • President Hassan sucks too.  And what was up with that hug with his wife?  Is this an after school special?
  • Tarin and Kayla Hassan.  Fits the soap opera perfectly.  Hey let’s show them having sex for no other reason then that we need a sex scene.   And what a surprise?  The guy you have been showing closeups on is actually the twist in the plot!  He is a bad guy!  Why does 24 have to tip us off on every plot twist.  I’m actually expecting Tarin to be working under cover as a double agent.

Oh yeah one more thing…hey genius Marco…if Jack takes your mom to the nuke site…which would be impossible anyways as they won’t be letting people just walk there…he would die also.  Weak Weak Weak writing.

Let me also tell you who sucks behind the scenes:

Brad Turner who has been directing episodes since 2004.  Milan Cheylov who has directed episodes since 2007.

Brandon Braga who has been writing episodes since 2009.  Alex Gansa who also has been writing episodes since 2009.  Patrick Harbinson who has written 3 episodes in 2010.

Many Coto and David Fury who have produced episodes since 2005.  Ditto Brad Turner.  Brannon Braga and Alex Gansa have been co-executive producers the last two years when this show has gone in the tank.  Blame those idiots.

And Series Casting…which is absolutely horrible:  Debi Manwiller and Peggy Kennedy…Please quit your jobs today.   There was a specialty casting person who worked from 2002 – 2007..bring them back:  Patricia Homan Davila.

Why do they have all these Indian actors playing Iranians?   Is there anyone out there who is enjoying this season?


Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 Season 8 Sucks

If you thought season 7 of the TV show 24 was bad…season 8 is even worse.  It starts with the cast and the horrible acting on that show.

Freddie Prinz Jr?  Great NY accent!…I mean you really nailed that down.  You would think they could find a really good actor to play opposite Kiefer for all the action scenes.  But we are stuck with this piece of crap

Annie Wersching?  You brought her back?  One face?  You can’t bring back one face…you just can’t do it.  That Renee Walker character is not interesting at all and I’m sure everyone was hoping the Russian was going to just end her appearances on the show.  Unless, they Tony’d her which would be even worse.  Her showing up on this season just proves that everyone has mailed it in this season.

Cherry Jones as the president.  Please Please let’s see the Vice President so there is hope that she falls into a coma or something.  I can’t take her fake accent anymore!  I am to the point of fast forwarding through her scenes.

Hey I have an idea!  Let’s get a guy from India to play the president of Iran!  I know they don’t call it Iran but everyone knows that’s what they mean.

Jurgen Prochnow – the bad guy from Beer Fest!  I can’t take anything he says seriously and they actually call him “pa pa” in this show and in Beer Fest they called him “grandpa pa”.  You can’t make stuff like this up.

Alright I can’t think about this cast anymore so let’s move on to the creative plot that we have this year.

Who cares what happens to Dana Walsh?  These idiot writers introduced her story way way too early before any of the viewers had any attachment to her.  You introduce a side story like this after she has done something to build loyalty.  Right now..does anyone care if she gets fired?  She doesn’t do anything special.  I don’t care.  It reminds me of the time they had Jack’s daughter afraid of wolves or coyotes while there was a nuclear threat going on….

Peace Talks – does it really matter if we suspend the peace talks for a few days or a week?  I’m not buying the urgency here at all.  And the president keeps referring to the “region” when talking about this peace deal but it’s only with one country.  I guess you could make the case that the US occupies the rest of the countries in the region.  And does anyone really believe the president would urge another head of state to come back to the peace talks after he was almost killed?

And now she doesn’t want him to round up the people who tried to kill him?  Umm…ok.  “You guys almost got me…come and give me a hug”

Russian Bad Guys – they really had the Russian guy drinking vodka…they did do that!  I saw it.  Then they had the Russian whores, the tatoos…I smell a Russian roulette scene coming up very soon.

How come the Russian sons don’t have Russian accents?  And is there anyone alive who didn’t know the older son was going to drive straight to the doctor?

CTU – does anyone know what it is that they do now?  It looks like they have a boss, some computer people, Freddie Prinz, and tactical teams.  Oh and some drones that fly over NY airspace (sure).  I can’t figure out exactly who actually does anything over there…so far they have had two people walk in off the street and they are the one’s running the most important mission right now.  Don’t you think they would have field op’s that do this sort of thing all the time and would be pissed off that two people that don’t even work there are in charge on the ground?

Jack Following the car with Renee in it?  Two problems here:  one Jack shouldn’t be that stupid to follow the car immediately without thinking it could be a trick.  Two, if the Russians did set that up then don’t you think they would have been looking out the window to see if someone fell for the trick?  It was a dark alley…I think they could tell as soon as headlights came on.  All Russians should be upset at this portrayal of stupidity.

And why would the Russians smuggle uranium into the US of all places?  and how are they going to get it out?

Please make this the last season…end it already

Changing Your Facebook Privacy Settings to Max Protect

Note:  This is part 7 in the series “The Dangers of Facebook”

Part 7 Changing Your Facebook Privacy Settings = To Max Protect

Just like with internet browsers, there are settings you need to change on Facebook to protect yourself.  If you’ve read parts 1-6 then you know the dangers and what to protect, now I’ll walk you through how to do this.

Log in to Facebook

Go ahead, log in if you aren’t already.  Try not to get distracted by all the new stuff people have posted…OMG Kim went to McDonalds for lunch today!  And she had two orders of fries!  Awesome!  My life is now complete!  Wait, back on topic.  Look up at the right hand corner of the page in between your name and the logout button.  Scroll over  the Setting link up there and click on account settings.   Let’s start with your Name.   Remove your middle name or initial if it is on there.   I’ve touched on the email so go ahead and click ‘manage’ on the privacy section.

Managing your Privacy

Try to stay with me here..Facebook doesn’t make this all that easy.  You have to jump through a few hoops to change everything.  Click on profile and restrict everything to ‘Only Friends’.   You can also customize these if you want to block certain people from seeing things.  Click Save when you are done.   On that same page click on the link called “edit photo albums privacy settings”…it’s under the ‘Photos tagged of You’.    Change all of those to ‘Only Friends’.   Then click save settings at the bottom of the page.   Now go back to the main privacy page and again click on profile..for some reason Facebook doesn’t take you right back to where you were.  But get back to the page where you clicked to change your photo album privacy settings.

Click on the tab at the top that says ‘Contact Information’, it’s right text to a tab called ‘Basic’ which is where you were.   Now you can restrict any personal information you might have listed in your account.  I would change the settings on these so that ‘No one’ could view any of it except for maybe your website if you have one for your business.  But your friends should already know your phone number (which shouldn’t be on there), your address (they can call and get this), and your email.  So don’t make it visible.  Again, click save changes at the bottom when you are done.

Now on this same page click on the ‘Visit applications page in order to change settings for applications’.  It’s in blue at the top in a sentence.   Go through all of those and also restrict to ‘Friends Only’.

Search Privacy Settings

Alright now I need you to go and scroll over ‘Settings’ at the very top of Facebook and click on ‘Privacy Settings’.  It should take you to a page Called ‘Privacy’ that lists Profile, Search, News Feed and Wall, and Applications.  Click on Search to start.

You have some choices to make here.  Do you want to be visible to everyone?  It’s your decision and really it matters if you are interested in connecting with people from your past that may only find you this way.  Unless you are really paranoid then making yourself visible to everyone is okay.

Now you want to limit the ‘search result content’.  I would uncheck the ‘pages I am a fan of’ and ‘my friend list’.  And you can uncheck that profile pic if you are uncomfortable with that.  Another way you can really protect yourself is to uncheck the ‘a link to add me as a friend’.  This forces someone to actually send you a message before they can be your friend.   If they really want to be your friend then they should send you a message…if that’s too hard for them then why be friends with them?  Finally decide whether you want to have a ‘public search listing’…is there any reason you want your Facebook profile to show up when your name is searched for on Google or another search engine?    When you are done click ‘Save Changes’ and click on ‘Privacy’ at the top.

News Feed and Wall

Once you are back to ‘Privacy’…I told you this wasn’t the easiest thing to do.  Click on News Feed and wall.  Here you need to decide if you want all of your friends to know when you post something to another friends page?  I uncheck all of this.  It’s up to you but if I post something to someone else’s page then it’s for them..not everyone.

Next click on ‘Facebook Ads’ at the top of that News Feed and Wall page.  It’s a tab at the top next to ‘Actions within Facebook’.   Change the ‘Allow ads on platform pages to show my information to’ No one.  Make sure this is set to ‘No one’.   Also set the ‘show my social actions in Facebok Ads to’ No one.  Once both of these are set to No one then click save changes at the bottom and click back to the main privacy link on that page.

Now click on the ‘Applications’ Section of the privacy page.  There are two tabs on that page…the overview and the settings.  Read the overview if you like but click on settings to make the changes.  I’m guessing 99.9% of you can’t click on the ‘do not share any information about be through Facebook API’ because you have some type of application installed on your account.  Now I would uncheck everything on that list. There is no reason that I can think of to have this information available in multiple places.  It’s just another way to protect yourself.   Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page…DO Not Forget to do this on these pages.  Facebook has put these on the bottom of the pages only and usually below your initial screen.  Go back to the main Privacy Page.

Blocking People

Ok this should be a no brainer but if you know anyone from your past that you don’t trust, don’t want to talk to, or has harmed you then block them.  Take some time and think about anyone that would fit into this category…it may be someone who has harmed someone you know.  Do you have a crackhead in the family?

Changing Your Profile Information

Now it’s time to make some changes to your profile.  Go to your profile page and click ‘edit my profile’.  This link is found underneath your photo on the left.

Basic Information

Remove everything you can.  Your friends already know if you are a guy or a girl.  They know where you live and they know your sexual preference.  None of this information is needed for your friends.  It’s great for voyeurs and people that don’t know you.  Do not use your real bday and do not list your hometown.

Personal Information

If you have filled this out…go through everything and make sure you are not giving away any passwords to anything.  Make sure there isn’t anything on there that could be used against you by your employer or a co-worker.  Do your friends already know all of this?  Who is this information really for?

Contact Information

I recommend using an email address that you do not use for any logins for your bank, insurance, or credit cards.  Remove multiple emails.  There is no reason to have your phone number on there and you sure as hell don’t want your address listed.

Education and Work

This is really up to you.  You have to decide how much of this information you want visible and how much of it you feel needs to be hidden.


I’ve called this “Max Protect” and that’s just what it is.  Most people are probably going to opt for something in the middle…choosing to leave some of this information visible but take the time to go through it all and make a choice instead of blindly setting up your account.  That way if something should happen, at least you made a choice and live with the consequences.

Again, two things to ask yourself when trying to decide what to remove and/or make private:

  1. Don’t my real friends already know this information?
  2. If this isn’t there for my real friends then who is this information really there for?

Your Hot Facebook Pics

Note:  This is part 6 of the series on the Dangers of Facebook

Part 6 Your Hot Facebook Pics

I bet that got your attention, didn’t it?  Hot Pics!  Well guess what, if you post a ‘hot pic’ of yourself on Facebook…it gets everyone’s attention.  Guys do not take a picture of yourself with your shirt off and post it as your profile picks and girls don’t put a revealing pic up for your profile picture either.  Your friends already know you have great cleavage..don’t let everyone on Facebook in on the secret.

Your profile pic is available for everyone to view…think about that before you decide what it should be.  Potential employers, complete strangers, sexual predators, etc.  If people are looking at friends lists they will always stop on a revealing pic.  Do you want or need this attention?  Go to a dating site if that’s what you are looking for with this pic.  Don’t use Facebook for this.

Let’s talk about that profile pic a little bit more.  I urge everyone to use a pic that is not of your face.  I have seen people use a picture of a stuffed animal, clip art, the sky, nature pics, or an animated character.  This protects your face from people you don’t know.  Once someone becomes your friend then they can see your other pics but why not protect your face from people you don’t know?

If someone from your past is searching for you and they find your name and a picture of the sky for your profile, they won’t immediately know who you are.  Is that a bad thing?  No.  They can send you a message and ask if it is you from Smith High School.  If they don’t want to send that message, if they think that is too hard, then did they really want to reconnect with you in the first place?  Plus, they can still see any mutual friends that the two of you have so they will have a decent idea if it’s you or not.  So what’s the upside to posting an actual pic of yourself in your profile?  We already know the downside.

I get a ton of hits on this blog to the strangest things…and I bet that I will soon be getting hits daily on “hot facebook pics” or something like that…which means there are people searching those things.  All the more reason to protect your privacy.

Part 7 Changing your Facebook Privacy Setting = To Max Protect

Step by Step Instructions for those who want it.

Your Naive Facebook Friends

Note:  This is Part 5 of the series on the Dangers of Facebook

Part 5 Your Naïve Friends

Alright!  Great Job!  You scrubbed your friend list, told your mom not to sign up for Facebook, rejected every fan page request in the world, and removed all your info from your account.  Protected right?  Nothing to worry about?  Wrong.

Even if you have removed all of your friends that aren’t really friends, you still have a problem.  Your current real friends haven’t read this and are naïve.  Their choices affect your privacy and security.  If their account gets hacked into…your information is now available too.  Let’s say ‘Tom’ is one of your best friends and he uses Facebook all the time.  He likes to post on your wall and make fun of you about things in your personal life…your favorite team, where you live, etc.  He also hasn’t protected his account and therefore his account gets hacked.  The hacker chooses to browse your information because it seems as though Tom likes to post on your wall a lot, so he’s got more to work with.  You are now a target because of Tom.  Tom’s not a bad person, he’s a great friend…just naïve.  And now it costs you.

What’s the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself from Tom?  Send him this link of course.  Even if he does a few of these things it will help and lessen the chances of something happening.  It will make him a less attractive target and make you a much less attractive target.

Part 6 Your Hot Pics

Dangerous Facebook Fan Pages

Note:  This is part 4 of the series on The Dangers of Facebook

Part 4 Dangerous Fan Pages

Time for me to scare away your fan pages.  No, hopefully not but there are a few things to consider and certain fan pages to stay away from.

Apartment or Housing Association Fan Pages

Are these necessary?  Do you want people to know where you live?  Becoming a fan of your apartment complex is a pretty clear sign that you live there.

Common Security Questions

Let’s take a look at some common security questions to see how they relate to fan pages.  These are questions used to protect accounts and reset passwords for all types of things like email, rewards accounts, banks, credit cards, health and car insurance, etc

  1. What is your favorite sport?
  2. What is your favorite team?
  3. What is your favorite tv program?
  4. What is the color of your father’s eyes?
  5. In what city were you born?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. What is your work address?
  8. What is the name of the high school you graduated from?
  9. To what city did you go on your honeymoon?
  10. Where did you vacation last year?

Ok…that’s enough of those.  Those were just a sample of 10 common questions that are commonly asked.  Let’s say your favorite team is the New York Giants and you have become a fan of them.  You might have given away the answers to questions 1 and 2.  Maybe not.  but maybe.

You’ve become a fan of “The Office” on your Facebook account…do you also list that as your favorite tv program?  Is your father’s pic on your Facebook account..showing his eyes?  Is your high school listed on there and were you also born in that city?  Are you a fan of the place you vacationed last year or went on your honeymoon?

Yes, I know this may be reaching some but just wanted everyone to be aware of this information.  Think about these things when you setup your security questions…whatever it is, don’t use it in your Facebook account.  Don’t refer to it at all.   The more information you make available the easier it is for someone to guess your password or security question answers.

Becoming a Fan reveals yourself to other Fans

You’ve just become a fan of your favorite bar in town.  Now you are getting friend requests from people who have seen you at that bar and are also fans of that bar, which is how they found you.  That’s great if you want to become Facebook friends with everyone from the bar…but obviously very dangerous because you don’t know any of those people.  Fan pages are great for businesses but very revealing to individuals on a lot of levels.

Don’t accept friend requests from people just because you are both fans of things.  You don’t know them…don’t become their friend.  Don’t become fans of things that could be considered controversial if you are looking for or will ever be looking for a job.  Recruiters may use this information to remove you from consideration or it can be used against you by a current or future co-worker.  Also, becoming a fan of political views reveals a lot about your personal beliefs.  This may or may not be something you really want to reveal.

Becoming a Fan of a Venue

I’ve started seeing more and more of these occurring.  Big concert venues are using Facebook to promote their concerts which is a great marketing strategy.  The problem is when you post on that page or confirm that you will attend that event.  If you post on that walls page, you just introduced yourself to thousands of people who you don’t know.  If you confirm that you will attend a concert on Dec 1st…you just confirmed that you will be out of the house that night.

There’s no reason to confirm on a Facebook page that you will be attending an event.  Why are you doing it?  Do not post something on that venue page’s wall either.  It’s one thing to post on a message board of your favorite band.  You create a user name and that’s it.  It’s not directly linked to the actual you…doing it on Facebook links to the real you.  See the difference?   That fan page is not a message board and don’t use it as one.  If you want to find out about events at a venue..sign up for their email list.  Why do you need to do it on Facebook?


There are plenty of things to think about before you sign up as a fan of something.  Think about what security answers you have out there and whether this fan page reveals that information.  Think about what type of people may also be fans.  What are the chances that a criminal is also a fan of the bar, the concert, or the restaurant that you just became a fan of?

You just introduced yourself to them and they may be waiting to see who divulges more information through wall postings and event confirmations.  And what about the guy who approaches you at the bar on Saturday night and says he remembers seeing you on the fan page…Sunday afternoon you get a friend request from him on Facebook.  Who is he?  What do you know about him?  If you become his friend..did you just reveal your address and when you would be out of the house and attending a function at that bar?

Get Ready for Part 5:  Your Naive Friends

Your Mom

Note:  This is Part 3 of the series on the Dangers of Facebook

Part 3:  Your Mom

Maybe the biggest threat to your security is your Mom.  Hey, we all love mom but don’t let her on Facebook.   Just don’t.  Here’s the problem…she doesn’t sign up on Facebook as your mom…she signs up as an individual using a name from her past.  She’s not just your Mom now…

The Maiden Name

You mom just sent you a friend request as Mary Jones Smith…her maiden name of Jones is now visible to everyone.   And I mean everyone!  It’s in her freaking name…right there in search results.  Who cares?  It’s just a maiden name, I mean no one ever asks for……OH SH**!  NOOOO!  DAMN DAMN!

Exactly…every financial institution I have ever dealt with uses that as one of the identifiers.  “We need to verify your account sir…what is your bday and your mom’s maiden name?”  Both of those might be right there on your Facebook account visible to all friends of friends or friends that you don’t really know.  See part 1.

And another question that pops up:  ‘what is your spouse’s mother’s maiden name’?  Is their mom on Facebook too?

Just Don’t Accept Mom as a Friend

It’s gonna break her heart…but deny her as a friend and you’re ok, right?  Wrong.  She’s become friends with the rest of your family and friends so they will see that maiden name one way or the other.  And every day more and more people are joining and women probably use their maiden name 90% of the time at least.  That way they can reconnect with people who knew them by the former.  Great for them…potentially a huge headache for you and your identity.

What you can do

Not much.  Get her not to join or bury her in the backyard.  Only kidding Mom.  But at least tell her not to join under her full name.  Make sure her settings block friends of friends, etc.  Good luck accomplishing all of that.  Financial institutions are going to have to remove that as a security question on very account.  It’s too easy to find now.  I almost hesitated including this because of it.   The sacred ‘maiden name’…visible to any thief.

Get out from under the covers and read Part 4 Dangerous Fan Pages