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Quick Thoughts from Cowboys and Redskins Game

  • Strange that everyone is shocked that Alex Barron struggled against one of the better pass rushers in the league…there’s a reason a team like the Rams got rid of him
  • Larry Johnson you can’t go out of bounds in that situation…dive on the ground
  • Joey Galloway…starting WR…

And the worst play of the game for the Dallas Cowboys?  This will shock you but it was the throw by Tony Romo with about 30 seconds left in the game with the cowboys at around the 40 yard line.  Romo drops back and throws a horrible pass right to Carlos Rogers and 3 other Redskin defenders who end up dropping the interception to ice the game.  It was a horrible decision by Romo that should have cost the cowboys the game and resulted in every cowboys fan talking about what a bad decision Romo made but because Rogers dropped the easy interception everyone focuses on the below average Alex Barron.

Alex Barron is not the starting right tackle for the Dallas Cowboys so that can be corrected but Tony Romo is the starting QB and throws like that will be what costs the Dallas Cowboys.  Why did Romo make that throw?


The Wade Phillips 3-4

What happened to it?  Here are some quotes from Tank Johnson:

“Bottom line is we are trying to do too many things. We are a talented enough group that we can do two or three things and beat the stew out of people,” Johnson said. “I think less is more when it comes to the talent we have. When you have so many talented players, give them a few things to do and give them a chance to get really good at it.”

Didn’t they hire Wade because they thought Bill Parcells defense was too simple and predictable?  I remember people saying that his defense would just line up and try to beat you by being physical.  Their first responibility was to stop the run and rushing the passer came second.  So now, the team is switching back to Parcells style.   Then why did we hire Wade and Stewart? 

Read this quote shortly after Wade was hired:

Last season, players voiced their concerns about the direction of the Cowboys defense. What bothered them? Not enough blitzing, creativity or positive results, they said.

And another quote from the preseason in 07

This defense will attempt to create havoc in any number of ways. The predictable 3-4 that we saw under coach Bill Parcells has been scrapped.

“I’ll let you guys decide from what you’re seeing if this defense is more creative,” said defensive end Marcus Spears, who had a fumble recovery that set up a touchdown.

“Everyone’s got a chance to make some plays. That’s what this defense allows you to do. It’s a totally different style from what we’ve played here in the past. You’ll see a lot of guys moving around, you’ll see blitzes from the weak side if the strong side isn’t working. That’s just what this defense is designed to do.”

Seems to me that the players, fans, and ownership wanted this new defense and now that it’s not working, they want to quit and go back to more of a Parcells defense.  Lots of excuses by those defensive players and not many plays.  Don’t make things simpler for them Wade…make them play better.

Post Dallas Cowboys Game Thoughts

Here’s your Monday Report for the underachieving:

  • I told you Brad Johnson sucks and the Rams dropped 3 INT’s yesterday.  It could have been a lot worse.  He threw high too many times and he has zero zip on his throws probably more due to his lack of leg strength at this point than lack of arm strength.
  • Marion Barber has fumbled 5 times in 7 games. That should worry everybody.  Romo has fumbled 6 times in 6 games.  In the last 8 games Barber has started we are 4-4. 
  • I’m going to say it because no one else seems to: Zach Thomas is not good.  Give me Akin back anyday.  Zach is small, old, and slow at this point in his career. 
  • That team really quit yesterday and as long as Jerry is the one that chews them out then it won’t work.  They need a coach to get their focus back. 
  • Nice job of creating another distraction by dressing Romo as the #2 QB.  If he can’t play then he’s the #3, if he is healthy enough for #2 then he starts.  Pretty simple.
  • I have  strong feeling that Galloway gets healthy this week and he and Antonio Bryant are going to put up huge numbers.

And one non-Cowboys thought:

Shut up John Kitna.  You are a below average qb who turns the ball over too much to whine all the time.  Orlovsky (as stupid as that safety was) hasn’t thrown a pick in the last two games and the Lions at least didn’t get blown out both weeks.   Your Career #’s of 152 TD’s and 151 INT’s speaks for itself.

Brad Johnson Should Start Over Tony Romo

I’m serious.  Look at what everyone is saying about Brad Johnson’s dominating pre season performance:

2. Brad Johnson. Can we now leave Brad Johnson alone? Finished two scoring drives including a long pass play.

Leave him alone?  Give him the starting job!  And look what Spagnola has to say over at

Johnson was razor sharp, and against the Broncos’ first-team defense, mind you, completing nine of 12 passes for 114 yards and one touchdown.

To those who say his arm is shot, we give you the mighty fine 37-yard pass to Austin streaking down the right sideline. To those who say he won’t hang in the pocket, we give you the perfectly thrown five-yard fade to Austin for a touchdown. And for those who wanted to insist after the San Diego game that he is so old he can’t make good decisions anymore, we give you the 11-yard pass to tight end Martellus Bennett, a nine-yarder to Isaiah Stanback and the six-yarder to Tony Curtis, showing he’s patient enough to take what the defense during a two-minute drill will give him.

I mean even Tony Romo gets into the act:

Tony Romo did, coming up from behind the team’s oldest player, throwing his arms around his 39-year-old shoulders, and with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen proclaim, “That’s 2001 right there; that’s Brad Johnson 2001.”

Romo spoke of his immediate backup, the soon-to-be 40-year-old quarterback who had a vintage year in 2001, leading his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl title, basically playing the same style of football then as so many are quick to criticize and want to retire him for now.

Brad Johnson is the only answer to the question “which QB can lead the cowboys to the super bowl”?  Don’t believe me?  Are you a Brad Johnson Hater/Doubter?  Then check out these stats:

Brad Johnson has a career passer rating of 83.1 (one year it was as high as 92.9!)…what’s Romo’s you ask?  A pathetic 96.5(worthless) and he’s already got almost 2 years of playing experience.  And Brad Johnson is clearly the more accurate passer (even though he only throws downfield and never dump offs) with a career mark of 61.8 compared to Romo’s erratic 64.4.  How Does Dallas expect to win anything with Romo?

Let’s talk TD’s.  Johnson once threw 26 TD’s in one year!  One freaking year!  So he threw 21 picks also…still 26!  Romo barely topped 35 TD’s last year.    Also, Brad knows how to get the ball downfield and show off his rocket arm with a career avg of 6.7 per attempt while Romo with his weak girly arm is afraid to go down the field and dumps the ball off at 8.3 per attempt.   You starting to get on the Brad Johnson express?

It’s pretty clear that Brad Johnson can not only still play in the NFL (he dominates in the pre season)but he just opened up an old fashioned can of quarterback controversy in Dallas (Hogeboom?).  Dallas can continue to sputter along with Romo or they can take a chance on the 39 year old young rocket arm of Brad Johnson.

My name is Brad,  Brad Johnson.

I keep the ladies in the 90’s, Cravin.

Who’s That Rocking the Spot,(It Brad Johnson)
Who’s that keepin it hot,(I’m Brad Johnson)
Who’s That Bringin the pain,(It’s Brad Johnson)

What are the Cowboys Doing?

So much for a quiet off-season. 

First, we have the trade rumors with the Dolphins.  The rumor is the cowboys are thinking of trading Barber and picks for the 1st pick in the draft where they can draft McFadden.  I don’t see how this really works for both teams as Miami is already paying Ronnie Brown big money and I don’t think they’d invest more in the running back position.  The only thing I can think of is maybe they will be comparable to the vikings who have Taylor and AP and maybe Parcells is willing to do anything to avoid paying the huge signing bonus to the 1st pick in the draft.

For the Cowboys, they would be taking on a huge contract at a time where they are going to have to start making some tough decisions on players salaries.  This move would be a gamble to win next year at all costs…something Jerry would do (crap now I believe the rumors).  Jerry may think he needs more star-power on this team because TO’s age will no doubt make him very average, very soon.  Or maybe his Arkansas roots are firmly entrenched in his brain. 

The next situation brewing over at Valley Ranch is the hiring of some “big name” assistant coaches.  Jerry brought back some guys from the 90’s in Houck and Campo.  I don’t see the reason in bringing Campo back…yes he is a good secondary coach but he’s got too much of a reputation here to just be a normal position coach.  The media is too close to him and if things go bad they will get him to talk.  Houck I’m ok with but the rumor is Wade had someone else in mind. 

The Dom Capers situation is spiraling out of control rather quickly.  Apparently, Brian Stewart told Capers that he wasn’t too comfortable with Capers being hired onto the staff and this prompted Capers to turn the job down, only to have Jerry and Co. pursue him further and try to talk him into coming anyway.  Let me get this straight:

Wade is a defensive minded coach and that is his “specialty” and why you hired him.  He then hand-picked his Def Coordinator and had the defense playing much better last year even with injuries to the secondary and the loss of Jason Ferguson.  The team goes 13-3 and lost a playoff game because the offense didn’t score enough points…same reason they lost in Seattle the year before.  So Jerry goes out and hires one former Head Coach in Campo and is trying to hire another in Capers.  Why?  Does this defense need that much help?  What about Garrett? 

Last year, Garrett had Sporano on the staff but this year he is on his own and apparently Jerry is just fine with that instead choosing to go after big name coaches on the other side of ball.  The chain of command will be screwed if Capers comes aboard.  It will make Stewart a non-factor and wouldn’t surprise me if the players tuned him out.  And if that happens, how long before Wade gets tuned out with players knowing he is a lame-duck coach? 

It’s as if Jerry is setting up the coaching staff for Jason Garrett even though he isn’t the current head coach.  This type of thing can absolutely destroy a team.  I wonder if Jerry is trying to “up” Parcells.  Parcells raided the Cowboys and maybe Jerry wants to really send him a message that says “hey Bill, you didn’t hurt us at all….see who I hired”. 

There are those that say Stewart should be more than willing to accept Capers on the staff…but those people are fooling themselves or have never been a leader or in a position of real power in an organization.  That hire would be a clear message to the players on that football team that Stewart is irrelevant and also that Wade is irrelevant in Jerry’s mind.  Hell of a way to start the off-season.

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Tony Romo is Dating a LadyBoy

Well maybe not but if he was this is what would happen:

  1. Romo would figure out that he was dating a LadyBoy but refuse to address it in the media.  
  2. Babe Laufenberg, Dale Hanson, Randy Galloway and Steve Dennis would all lead a campaign defending him saying it was impossible for Romo to know his girlfriend was a guy. 
  3. Mickey Spagnola would then say he hasn’t heard anything about it from Valley Ranch and that it’s just all speculation at this point which is totally unfair, so until he hears it from his Daddy Jerry it must be untrue. 
  4. Then Skip Bayless would go on ESPN and say that Romo is in fact Troy Aikman’s lover and has been since Troy’s rookie year.   Then Skip would deny that he ever said it and that he has too much credibility to start a rumor like that. 
  5. Emmitt Smith, Shannon Sharpe and Terry Bradshaw would all give their opinions but it would take 2 to 3 weeks to actually decipher what they said.  
  6. Deion and Michael Irvin would talk about how god saved them from their ladyboy addictions.  Deion would then pat himself on the back. 
  7. Tiki Barber would smile at the camera and say nothing of real importance while Jerome Bettis laughs uncontrollably. 


I don’t know how else to put it.  Some interesting things today.

  1. Inflation – Maybe we should take Ron Paul a little more seriously when he talks about the dollar.   Highest in 26 years and the other Republicans say the economy is “sound”.  Sure guys.
  2. Kenneth Davis? – Sloppy reporting from Fox News.  I saw this the other day and thought for sure it would have been fixed by now.  It’s “Keith Davis” morons!
  3. Beer to the Rescue – Beer fights cancer!  Please let this be true…please.
  4. Cloned Food Safe to Eat – Sure FDA.  Sure.  I mean you guys are never wrong about this stuff.  Vioxx sound good to anyone, right now?  How much money was spent by lobbyist to get this one approved?   
  5. Let’s sell them Weapons! – Major Arms deal to Saudi Arabia.  I mean they are our friends…as long as the royal family is in charge and of course the Saudi people just love them.  What happens when the royal family gets kicked out (think the Shah of Iran) and those weapons are still there?  cough.  “blowback”
  6. Was it a Prank? – How stupid does Fox News look now?  I mean that was their big question at their debate.  Hey Brit, you think the Navy made the right call now?  Maybe just maybe we should do some investigation before we jump on these things.  Alas, it’s only war…death…lives…money.
  7. Goodbye  Dennis – NBC wants Kucinich out of the debate.  If they are running, can we hear them speak?  It’s only January.
  8. California is Broke – not good as it’s economy if measured would be like the 7th or 8th largest in the world
  9. Greenspan’s New Job – hmm, hired by a Hedge Fund that shorted the subprime Market and made billions.  In my opinion, that’s not glaring information as anyone with half a brain knew that giving loans to people who historically were not good at paying back debt was sure to backfire, eventually.
  10. More Troops to Afghanistan – Really?  More?  How long is this going to last?  Any other nations sending troops?  Nope.  Then why are we?  If they aren’t worried about it then should we? 
  11. Let’s Be careful out there – And lastly, if you want some laughs or maybe it’s too bad to laugh.  Watch some Youtube clips of “cop rock”.  I can’t fathom how that show got out of the focus groups and onto TV.