Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 Season 8 Sucks

If you thought season 7 of the TV show 24 was bad…season 8 is even worse.  It starts with the cast and the horrible acting on that show.

Freddie Prinz Jr?  Great NY accent!…I mean you really nailed that down.  You would think they could find a really good actor to play opposite Kiefer for all the action scenes.  But we are stuck with this piece of crap

Annie Wersching?  You brought her back?  One face?  You can’t bring back one face…you just can’t do it.  That Renee Walker character is not interesting at all and I’m sure everyone was hoping the Russian was going to just end her appearances on the show.  Unless, they Tony’d her which would be even worse.  Her showing up on this season just proves that everyone has mailed it in this season.

Cherry Jones as the president.  Please Please let’s see the Vice President so there is hope that she falls into a coma or something.  I can’t take her fake accent anymore!  I am to the point of fast forwarding through her scenes.

Hey I have an idea!  Let’s get a guy from India to play the president of Iran!  I know they don’t call it Iran but everyone knows that’s what they mean.

Jurgen Prochnow – the bad guy from Beer Fest!  I can’t take anything he says seriously and they actually call him “pa pa” in this show and in Beer Fest they called him “grandpa pa”.  You can’t make stuff like this up.

Alright I can’t think about this cast anymore so let’s move on to the creative plot that we have this year.

Who cares what happens to Dana Walsh?  These idiot writers introduced her story way way too early before any of the viewers had any attachment to her.  You introduce a side story like this after she has done something to build loyalty.  Right now..does anyone care if she gets fired?  She doesn’t do anything special.  I don’t care.  It reminds me of the time they had Jack’s daughter afraid of wolves or coyotes while there was a nuclear threat going on….

Peace Talks – does it really matter if we suspend the peace talks for a few days or a week?  I’m not buying the urgency here at all.  And the president keeps referring to the “region” when talking about this peace deal but it’s only with one country.  I guess you could make the case that the US occupies the rest of the countries in the region.  And does anyone really believe the president would urge another head of state to come back to the peace talks after he was almost killed?

And now she doesn’t want him to round up the people who tried to kill him?  Umm…ok.  “You guys almost got me…come and give me a hug”

Russian Bad Guys – they really had the Russian guy drinking vodka…they did do that!  I saw it.  Then they had the Russian whores, the tatoos…I smell a Russian roulette scene coming up very soon.

How come the Russian sons don’t have Russian accents?  And is there anyone alive who didn’t know the older son was going to drive straight to the doctor?

CTU – does anyone know what it is that they do now?  It looks like they have a boss, some computer people, Freddie Prinz, and tactical teams.  Oh and some drones that fly over NY airspace (sure).  I can’t figure out exactly who actually does anything over there…so far they have had two people walk in off the street and they are the one’s running the most important mission right now.  Don’t you think they would have field op’s that do this sort of thing all the time and would be pissed off that two people that don’t even work there are in charge on the ground?

Jack Following the car with Renee in it?  Two problems here:  one Jack shouldn’t be that stupid to follow the car immediately without thinking it could be a trick.  Two, if the Russians did set that up then don’t you think they would have been looking out the window to see if someone fell for the trick?  It was a dark alley…I think they could tell as soon as headlights came on.  All Russians should be upset at this portrayal of stupidity.

And why would the Russians smuggle uranium into the US of all places?  and how are they going to get it out?

Please make this the last season…end it already


8 responses to “Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 Season 8 Sucks

  1. It’s hilarious. The acting, the poor plot. So far it’s a disappointment. I think only the last 3 or 4 episodes will have some real suspense, maybe chloe will die or something like that.
    It’s always the president shit and ctu crap moments i fastforward. I only watch the serie because i respect Kiefer Sutherland’s performance.

    • That’s a good call on Chloe dying. I don’t know if the show has the balls to do that though. She would just reappear a few episodes later. I can’t figure out how they can find so many bad actors for one TV show. It’s like they are trying to find the worst actors.

  2. I feel ya man.

    Ive been watching since Season 1. In my opinion Season 5 was the best. I also think thats where they should have stopped.

    Season 6 was horrific. Season 7 was better than season 6. As far as Im concerned season 8 is just as bad as 6 :((

    I hope they kill off Jack at the end of it, because Im sick and tired of this 😦

  3. Truth Unites... and Divides

    I can’t believe how bad season 8 is. I thought a swan song is when you finish well and the audience is hungering for more. Now it’s hideously bad and the new liberal writers and producers have totally destroyed the vision of the original writers and producers.

    It’s tragic.

    Here are just two scenes that the old writers wouldn’t have done:

    (1) Jack Bauer firing 2 bullets into an unarmed Dana Walsh.

    (2) The torture scene of Jack and the Russian assassin. That was just way over the top.

    I’m a conservative and I support a strong military and a strong defense, but it seems like the new lib writers want to mock and satirize our guys who do what has to be done to protect our country.

    Stupid libs.

  4. A little harsh, but it’s all true! lol I am going to find your latest entry about the end of it all. That should be funny funny funny

  5. Isn’t it also interesting to note that President Suvarov of Russia has time to issue orders on such things like hits on Jack Bauer’s girlfriend, Renee Walker. I would think the Russian President would be a little more high level than that. I am absolutely convinced that Cherry Jones mispronounced the intended pronunciation of Mikhail “Novakovich”‘s last name. I did like Jones developing a sinister streak towards the end, but it was all for not. A bad misjudgement and she decides she has to resign from her post as President … all within a day. Not to mention the horrendous plot point of having Chloe O’Brien, who was recently hired back at CTU in a low level position, immediately assume the Director of Operations position … all within a day’s time. Horrendous. Surprisingly, not as bad as Season 6 though, which was hands down, the worst season of all. But this one was right behind it.

  6. Randal graham

    Yeah, just started season 8 and already wanna stop. This is less than 1 star of five acting. Started out with the “dumb and dumber” of assassins then you get introduced to dumbererest, their boss. With these criminals, i think even this new CTU group could catch em. One positive note, even though she makes every episode shes in a soap opera; kim bauers cuter this season.

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