The Wade Phillips 3-4

What happened to it?  Here are some quotes from Tank Johnson:

“Bottom line is we are trying to do too many things. We are a talented enough group that we can do two or three things and beat the stew out of people,” Johnson said. “I think less is more when it comes to the talent we have. When you have so many talented players, give them a few things to do and give them a chance to get really good at it.”

Didn’t they hire Wade because they thought Bill Parcells defense was too simple and predictable?  I remember people saying that his defense would just line up and try to beat you by being physical.  Their first responibility was to stop the run and rushing the passer came second.  So now, the team is switching back to Parcells style.   Then why did we hire Wade and Stewart? 

Read this quote shortly after Wade was hired:

Last season, players voiced their concerns about the direction of the Cowboys defense. What bothered them? Not enough blitzing, creativity or positive results, they said.

And another quote from the preseason in 07

This defense will attempt to create havoc in any number of ways. The predictable 3-4 that we saw under coach Bill Parcells has been scrapped.

“I’ll let you guys decide from what you’re seeing if this defense is more creative,” said defensive end Marcus Spears, who had a fumble recovery that set up a touchdown.

“Everyone’s got a chance to make some plays. That’s what this defense allows you to do. It’s a totally different style from what we’ve played here in the past. You’ll see a lot of guys moving around, you’ll see blitzes from the weak side if the strong side isn’t working. That’s just what this defense is designed to do.”

Seems to me that the players, fans, and ownership wanted this new defense and now that it’s not working, they want to quit and go back to more of a Parcells defense.  Lots of excuses by those defensive players and not many plays.  Don’t make things simpler for them Wade…make them play better.


One response to “The Wade Phillips 3-4

  1. Don’t you think the defense looked better against the Bucs? And wasn’t Wade a bit more involved in the play-calling to some degree? Maybe the WP 3-4 is just going to kick in.

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