Post Dallas Cowboys Game Thoughts

Here’s your Monday Report for the underachieving:

  • I told you Brad Johnson sucks and the Rams dropped 3 INT’s yesterday.  It could have been a lot worse.  He threw high too many times and he has zero zip on his throws probably more due to his lack of leg strength at this point than lack of arm strength.
  • Marion Barber has fumbled 5 times in 7 games. That should worry everybody.  Romo has fumbled 6 times in 6 games.  In the last 8 games Barber has started we are 4-4. 
  • I’m going to say it because no one else seems to: Zach Thomas is not good.  Give me Akin back anyday.  Zach is small, old, and slow at this point in his career. 
  • That team really quit yesterday and as long as Jerry is the one that chews them out then it won’t work.  They need a coach to get their focus back. 
  • Nice job of creating another distraction by dressing Romo as the #2 QB.  If he can’t play then he’s the #3, if he is healthy enough for #2 then he starts.  Pretty simple.
  • I have  strong feeling that Galloway gets healthy this week and he and Antonio Bryant are going to put up huge numbers.

And one non-Cowboys thought:

Shut up John Kitna.  You are a below average qb who turns the ball over too much to whine all the time.  Orlovsky (as stupid as that safety was) hasn’t thrown a pick in the last two games and the Lions at least didn’t get blown out both weeks.   Your Career #’s of 152 TD’s and 151 INT’s speaks for itself.


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