Republicans or Democrats…Who is to Blame?

I decided to actually watch CNN tonight to hear what all the pundits had to say about the bailout failing to pass.  Let’s just say my head hurts now.  Before I even get into the Dems and Repubs, it’s amazing to me that we only hear one side of this argument.  Everything on the news is how the bailout just has to be passed and it was a major mistake not to pass it.  What about the other side?  

I even heard these morons say that yes the bailout is horrible but we just have to pass it.  We do?  Can’t we pass something else?  Don’t we have the power to rewrite bills or make new bills that may work better?  I seem to remember reading that in Government Class.  CNN completely ignored the other side of the argument in all their newscasts tonight.   It’s like I’m listening to the state run news network just repeating the talking points handed to them by the administration…strange feeling.  This is the United States of America, right?

Ok, now on to Congress…Now let me see, I’ll start with the Repubs blaming Pelosi’s speech (her Speech!) for the bill not passing. Seriously? 

  • Did your feelings get hurt?  How old are you idiots? 
  • Just once, just once, I would love to hear the Republicans take responsibility for their actions.  Guys you failed to get the votes to pass this bill.  End of story. 
  • They BLAMED THE SPEECH!  They continue to just amaze me.

Ok now I’m going to rip the Dems…so any Democrats out there who can’t take it then you better look away.

  • Pelosi why do you still have a job?  Every day that you wake up do you look in the mirror and just ask yourself if you can screw up as bad as you did the day before?
  • Did the Dems blame the Repubs for not getting enough votes?  They said that they got their fair share and the Republicans didn’t get theirs.  Are your legs broken?  Get off your asses and go get more votes if you believe in this thing so much.  WTF?  That’s the weakest argument I’ve ever heard…oh wait.  They blamed THE SPEECH!

So CNN went on to say that the house Republicans who voted against the bill were putting their re-elections ahead of the country.  But, then they went on to say that 90% of the calls into those same Repubs offices have been against the bailout.  Don’t they work for those people?  Aren’t they supposed to represent them?  I’m so sick of this crap about putting the country ahead of everything else…this is not the Soviet Union!  You are free to have differing views here in this country.  In fact, it’s healthy and natural. 

The majority of American people do not support this bill and the congress who represents them voted it down. So what’s the problem?  If it’s so important then explain it to the people of this country and stop trying to scare them into supporting it.  I mean, I know that’s Bush’s only motivational tactic but someone in congress should be able to do something.  How about those two idiots running for President?  Maybe they could explain it to the American people.  I’m pretty sure that’s how this whole thing called government was supposed to work.

And does anyone, anyone have a problem with the Democrats in Congress lining up behind President Bush on this? 

I know this post is long but I got one more thing to say.  Where is Dick Cheney?  Where do you think his money is?  Dubai?


7 responses to “Republicans or Democrats…Who is to Blame?

  1. I think “shotgun Dick” was making calls today. He wanted that turkey passed.

  2. HA! yeah cheney doesn’t give a shit. it’s not going to affect him.

    yes I have a problem with the dems lining up behind bush, and the reps lining up behind bush for that matter. it’s amusing to hear them blame each other – well I guess we should just be happy there are resisters on each side. I too wonder why pelosi has a job! her lame speech was ridiculous, to to blame the failure of the bill on her speech? what a joke – and it’s giving her credit she doesn’t deserve.

  3. I didn’t even think about that angle…giving Pelosi credit for the speech! ha! that’s hilarious.

    I wonder if anyone in congress picks up the phone when they see “shotgun Dick” call?

  4. Just name names. Who was at the helm when the books were being cooked to ensure the management team got the maximum bonus (when there should not have been any bonus)? Who got the bonuses? Who turned down McCain and Bush when they went to Congress and tried to get some regulation of Fanny and Freddie? Name names like Barney Frank and Chris Dobbs. I don’t care what party the person was affliated with – just give facts – don’t try to shape opinion.

    Shouldn’t there be some type of investigation to see how our country got to this point? Shouldn’t we know what happened if for no other reason than to prevent it from happening again? Is the culprit really Carter and the law passed under his administration (it would not surprise me – I think over time he will undoubtedly be considered the worst president of this country in the last 100+ years if not ever). Or was it under the Clinton pressure to make housing affordable for all – even for those who could not afford it.

    I like the quote that says “if you live in a country where you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on the support of Paul”. The basis for one of our political parties.

  5. An investigation is needed, but that’s normally Washington’s code for “18 month long, committee-driven confusion.” What’s needed is a true third-party, fast investigation to get people to fess up, and then an admittance from Dems and Repubs alike that “we all screwed up, we all thought short-term, and we’re all responsible.”

    What are the chances of that happening?

  6. I personally have zero confidence in an investigation and there isn’t one group to blame here. So where do you start? The market should be the one to fix itself but we aren’t letting that happen. We haven’t let that happen for many years.

    stankirkwood – “Who turned down McCain and Bush when they went to Congress and tried to get some regulation of Fanny and Freddie?” I’m not sure I understand this? You have a link for this. I remember hearing Bush numerous times credit his administration with boosting home ownership in this country. Weren’t the republicans in control of congress? The bottom line is that people were making huge amounts of money in real estate – builders, mortgage brokers, banks, homeowners…no one wanted to stop that.

  7. Read the update at the bottom of this post:

    I think touches on what stankirkwood is talking about.

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