Can We Believe Saakashvili?

I think he has a serious problem when it comes to telling the truth.  A reuters blog made a great observation about something he said recently:

There was an awkward moment on Sunday, when Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili stood next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Tbilisi and thanked her for having “initiated” plans to bring his country into NATO.

Anyone who followed NATO’s last summit in Bucharest back in April knows that it was Merkel who broke with Washington and spearheaded opposition to such a move.

Shifting uncomfortably, Merkel couldn’t help but interject: “Give credit where credit is due,” she said curtly, taken aback by Saakashvili’s strange distortion of her stance.

Call it a distortion if you want..but it’s a lie.  People lie and when they do, you should call them on it.  I still don’t understand why the US wants to protect this man.  He’s reckless and his rhetoric is dangerous.  The American people can only hope that the Georgians kick him out of office and get someone in there who puts there interests first. 

Actually, I can see why Bush likes him so much.  They both act like spoiled kids and have a habit of lying and getting their own troops killed.  Wonderful qualities to have.


One response to “Can We Believe Saakashvili?

  1. I still cannot believe this fool took on Russia thinking that NATO would send off its boys to go die in some third world country in the Caucasus. On top of that, his army was wiped out after 5 days by a couple of irregular, ill-equipped North Caucasian bandits, and someone wants to convince Germany, France, Italy and others against NATO membership for this country that it is a serious military partner? What a joke!!!

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