The Georgia Fallout

You just can’t make things like this up:

The United States and Poland reached a long-stalled deal on Thursday to place an American missile defense base on Polish territory, in the strongest reaction so far to Russia’s military operation in Georgia.

What the hell is the US doing?  They couldn’t be more obvious.  Let’s see a deal that has been stalled for 18 months is all of a sudden agreed to after Georgia attacks the breakaway provinces and Russia responds. 

Why are we picking a fight with Russia?  And if you think this isn’t a big deal then let this soak in:

But the deal reflected growing alarm in countries like Poland, once a conquered Soviet client state, about a newly rich and powerful Russia’s intentions in its former cold war sphere of power. In fact, negotiations dragged on for 18 months — but were completed only as old memories and new fears surfaced in recent days.

Those fears were codified to some degree in what Polish and American officials characterized as unusual aspects of the final deal: that at least temporarily American soldiers would staff air defense sites in Poland oriented toward Russia, and that the United States would be obliged to defend Poland in case of an attack with greater speed than required under NATO, of which Poland is a member.

We are agreeing to protect Poland even moreso than our NATO allies???  What???  Who cares about Poland?   And who created those old Cold War fears?  Russia did not roll their tanks into Georgia unprovoked. 

How long before Russia sets up their own missile defense system in Cuba or Venezuela?  It wouldn’t be any different than what we are doing over there?  This is really maddening.  And the people of this country are just sitting and watching Bush drive us back into an arms race and worst case, another Cold War.


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