Condoleezza Rice and Georgia

What did she tell Saakashvili when she was there on July 9th

Did she tell him that if he gained control over his entire country that we would ensure Georgia would get into NATO?

Did she tell him that if he attacked South Ossetia the US would back him?

And what about this:

About 1,000 US soldiers are training alongside an equal number of Georgian troops and an unspecified number of men from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ukraine — all of which are members of the Partnership for Peace.


EUCOM called Georgia a key ally in the global “war on terrorism” and regional anti-terror operations. It is currently the third largest contributor of foreign troops in Iraq.


“Georgia’s geographic location also allows other allies and partners in the region to see the benefits of working with the United States,” it said.

So Condoleezza Rice was in Georgia a month before they tried to take back South Ossetia and on top of that the US was participating in joint military exercises with Georgian Troops.  So why doesn’t the US media ask our government if they knew that Saakashvili was goig to attack South Ossetia?  We need to find out how much responsibility we share in this.  And I’m talking about deaths of civilians on both sides of this conflict.

Saakashvili gambled on a surprise attack late Thursday to regain control over South Ossetia. Instead, Georgia – a former Soviet state and current U.S. ally that wants to join NATO – suffered a punishing beating from Russian tanks and aircraft that has left the country with even less control over territory than before.

Why is our government provoking Russia?  Don’t they work for us?  Of course, the democrats are silent on this as well.  Think how much damage has been done over the last 8 years in Russia/US relations.   What a disaster George Bush has been.


4 responses to “Condoleezza Rice and Georgia

  1. You beat me to it! I have been amazed at the comments from Condoleezza Rice concerning Russia – totally one sided! But I think there is a lot more to it than is being reported – there are way too many ‘facts’ being shoved out from Georgia and the US that don’t seem to tally with events as reported on earlier BBC reports last week…

  2. I’m happy that someone else sees what is going on. And you are right..totally one sided. I just don’t know what the US was thinking.

  3. Donna Humphreys

    Hmmn…what could be going on? Let’s see what we’ve got so far. Randy Schuemann, one of the original members of the Project for the New American Century – just happens to be foreign policy advisor for and on the road with John McCain – and he just happens to be a current active lobbyist for Georgia (paid $800,000 by Georgia over past two years) – and just happens to have collected $250,000 for McCain’s campaign from Georgia in recent months). And just happens McCain got lots of hot, free press for acting all “Presidential” and tough over the Georgia gig. And, gee, it just happens to be three months until American elections. My, my. Whatever were they thinking??!!!

  4. You make a great observation Donna. and it’s tough to argue against that.

    my feeling is that it goes much deeper than that…or rather I hope it goes much deeper than that. Besides, I think the Dems should worry about whether Hillary’s supporters will vote for Obama on election day.
    There are billions to be made in Georgia but now that Russian troops will occupy those two provinces…it will be a very risky investment for any business.

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