Georgia and Russia

Georgia began an offensive to regain control over South Ossetia late Thursday with heavy shelling and air strikes that ravaged South Ossetia’s provincial capital of Tskhinvali.

This is really a fascinating story and stunning no less.  Forget all the crap that McCain is spewing and the rest of the politicians are saying.   This is a very complicated region without easy answers and everyone can make a claim to the land.  Of course everyone wants the natural resources and the pipeline.  But, the one thing I think everyone should be asking is this:

Who Gave The Order for Georgia to Attack South Ossetia? 

That is the question I want someone in the West to ask.  Someone should have asked McCain.  There is no way that the Georgian President Saakashvili ordered this without consulting the US.  And if you think there is then just realize the following:

  • We sold them their weapons and we are selling them more
  • They want to join NATO and we are their biggest supporter
  • We have been training their military

So you really think after all this that they would attack without telling President Bush?  And when the Olympics are starting?  Now, if they didn’t…which I find impossible to believe…then we should be angry with them and it would be a slap in the face after all we have done to get them into NATO. 

But, they had to of given us the heads up on their attack.  So, we gave the OK for them to attack South Ossetia at the same time the Olympics were set to begin?  Does that make us crazy?  I think there’s a good case for that.   I just can’t figure out why Bush and Co. thought this made sense.  Why provoke Russia at this time?  They had to know that Russia would destroy Georgia after this and we are in no position to influence Russia at this point and public opinion is focused on the Olympics so it’s too difficult to rely on the humanitarian angle to stop the fighting.

Russia is going to do whatever it wants to do at this point which will include destroying as much of Georgia’s military equipment as possible (which we sold to them) and letting the rest of the world know that they can still flex their muscles. 

I just wish an American Journalist would ask that question:  Did the US know that Georgia was going to attack? and if we did, why did we give the OK?  As stupid as Bush and Co. have been, I just am shocked with this latest move.

Quick Update to this:

I think Reuters has a good story posted on this

To some NATO and EU diplomats, the crisis has vindicated their resistance to U.S. efforts to shoe-horn Georgia into the alliance under President George W. Bush’s “freedom agenda”.

“Thank heavens we didn’t take them in,” a senior envoy of one of the skeptical European states said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

As members, the Georgians could have invoked NATO’s Article V mutual defence clause, requiring nations to come to the assistance of an ally under attack.

“No one in NATO wants to be dragged into a war in the Caucasus because of Saakashvili’s miscalculation,” the diplomat said, adding that the Georgian president had been “badly advised” in sending troops into South Ossetia.

Just think about that last sentence and the words:  “Badly Advised”…


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