Obama is lost

I had hopes for him but he continues to disappoint me with his short-sightedness.  He appears to be caving on offshore drilling and now he wants to tap into the strategic oil reserves.  

Obama, who as recently as last month argued against tapping into the petroleum reserve located in caverns in Texas and Louisiana, proposed that the government sell 70 million barrels of oil from its stockpiles and said that releases from the reserve in the past have lowered gas prices within two weeks.

Someone please explain to these idiots that this is a terrible way to deal with high oil prices.  This will only offer short term relief and will only leave the country in worse shape when those 70 million barrels are exhausted.  The strategic reserves are there for a reason.  How do you think the military functions without gas?  You think those tanks and planes work well without fuel?  What happens if we attack Iran and then they respond by blocking the sea lanes of the gulf?  Or maybe there’s unrest in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan?  Or Venezuela sells all their oil to China?   Let’s just say oil will be hard to come by. 

I love how the AP hides this in the article….The last sentence of that story is the following:

Elgie Holstein, an Obama energy adviser, said that, while fewer refineries now are capable of refining the heavier stuff into gasoline, in the future that won’t be the case.

So the oil that will be replaced will be even tougher to turn into gasoline.  Great!  That’s just makes the idea even worse.  You know, because if you really are in need of tapping the strategic oil reservers you probably don’t need the stuff quickly or anything.  And “in the future”? What kind of timeframe are you talking about?  When are these new refineries going up?

I suggest whenever you read an AP story that you make sure you read the last paragraph as that’s where they hide the good stuff.  Don’t overlook it.  And my message to Obama:

 If you want to be so much like McCain then just quit the race and vote for him.


5 responses to “Obama is lost

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, McCain and others are appealing to ignorant, short-sighted people. Tapping our reserves isn’t the solution but changing our petroleum consumption habits for the long-term and not the short-term. The reality is that there are more countries asking for their share of the world’s petroleum and, effectively, reducing what goes around.

  2. Yeah tapping reserves is all about pandering to the voters. It’s not going to help the economy. People just have to adjust to higher oil prices by like you say “changing our petroleum consumption habits”.
    It’s frustrating to see Obama go in this direction.

  3. Has it occurred to anyone here that depriving the military of needed fuel might be part of Obama’s plan? After all it’s much easier to force a withdrawal if our troops have no fuel for their equipment.

  4. Jonolan – interesting theory…could be true.

    But, on the other hand it’s hard to withdrawl without fuel.

    Withdrawl is so complicated at this point with so much equipment and manpower over there.

  5. No withdrawal is easy – if you don’t care about Iraq. You just cite that the US doesn’t have the strategic oil reserves to continue in Iraq past X date and begin the withdrawal so as to complete it before that date. 😦

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