Yes that was a foul. And yes it should have been called.

The big talk this morning is over the non-call on Derek Fisher when he jumped into Brent Barry.  David DuPree over at Cnnsi weighs in saying

Was Barry fouled? Absolutely.

Should it have been called? Absolutely not.

It’s all about consistency.

How is not calling a foul being consistent? 

And Johnny Ludden over at Yahoo Sports chimes in with this:

Barry’s wrong. Crawford should have called it. But maybe Crawford already knew what the Spurs should have known.

On this night, just like four years ago, the Lakers were better.

Nice cop-out.  Yes that foul should have been called but because the Lakers out-played the Spurs it doesn’t matter.  umm okay.  How about the bonehead plays by Kobe down the stretch…Lakers still deserve to win?

True Hoop over at Espn says the foul should have been called.

Before I get started on this let me just say that I hate the Spurs.  They are my least favorite team in the NBA.  I always root for them to lose.  I hate all their whiney players and flopping.  But, last night Brent Barry drew a foul on Derek Fisher and the worst ref in the league Joey Crawford swallowed his whistle.   Here is the key part of that play that I would like everyone to think about.  Brent Barry faked and Derek Fisher bit on the fake.  That was a terrible play by Fisher and he should have been penalized by it.  Barry’s strategy was better than Fisher’s and he didn’t get rewarded for it because some say he didn’t “sell” it enough.  Back to the flopping. 

So players are going to have to flop to get the call.  Refs in the NFL make calls all the time at the end of games…roughing calls, holding calls, off sides, fall starts…it doesn’t matter.  Derek Fisher is the one that screwed up.  I’ve had to sit and watch Fisher flop year after year with his terrible defense (it’s all based on him drawing charges off his flops) and horrible shot.   And the idiot Crawford (why is he still employed anyway?) bails him out again. 



2 responses to “Yes that was a foul. And yes it should have been called.

  1. Go Celtics! I think it was a foul, but good anyways, I hope the most boring team in the NBA loses. Yea, they are a dynasty, but come on. Talk about boring us to sleep.

  2. Oh I agree Clay. sooo boring to watch. I hope the celtics get there as i like KG and ray allen. I don’t like cassell though…

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