Don’t believe the SEO hype

I get a lot of questions from readers who want “free advice” on seo.  I rarely give any out and there’s a few reasons.  First, I can’t tell people everything I know about SEO because then the value of my work will decrease.  It’s just not a smart business decision.  A pointer here and there is no big deal but I’m not going to give out exact instructions on how to do SEO. 

I’ve had some people tell me that this isn’t smart because the information is being offered out there by someone else so why not be the one to offer the advice.  Well, let me tell all of you out there one thing…”Do not believe the SEO hype that you read”.  Most of it is wrong and is written to mislead you away from the things that really matter in getting rankings.  Yes, I know that no one is else is saying this but those of us who do SEO everyday in a variety of industries know exactly what works and what is just hype.  And my experience has told me that most of the things out there on SEO are just misleading.  They are designed to steer you away from the important factors in SEO. 

And I will just leave it at that. 


3 responses to “Don’t believe the SEO hype

  1. I have been asked to train an internal staff on SEO / SEM, and initially they had some success. Even with all the warnings of over-head costs with staying on-top of changes, they moved forward. They eventually lost ground. The bureaucracy of larger companies quickly drown out the entrepreneurial atmosphere needed to get to the top and then stay on top when you get there.

    The SEO’s ability to take the lessons learned over several accounts and transplant them to all their clients is invaluable. The time spent learning something new, and then transplanting it to all their clients is invaluable. This is a major advantage to a SEO agency over a company’s Marketing Staff focused on SEO.

  2. Tim

    You are exactly right. Larger companies who try to control all aspects of SEO /SEM have a tough time staying on top of it. They just can’t move fast enough. I have one client who basically has handed the job over to me and they are doing great. While another client has to get approvals on everything from 5 different managers…it takes a month to get anything approved and by that time I have lost ground.

    yeah, it’s really impossible to learn SEO by doing it in one industry and on a part-time basis. and many times the marketing staff is too close to the project to succeed at SEO.

  3. Talasan Nicholson

    I like how both the comments above linked themselves. 😛

    Agreed. I’ve been a web developer for almost a decade and this is just a new trend, just like web 2.0, that will devour itself. Nothing new here.

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