Those Crazy Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are once again a joke on the field this year.  Today, they decided to change their fortunes by cutting Jason Botts and calling up Chris Shelton.  Yeah, that will do it John Daniels.  I expect the Rangers to make the playoffs now. 

There are so many problems with this move.  Try to stay with me on this: 

The Rangers did not play Jason Botts last year, instead keeping him in AAA for nearly the entire season.  This year they keep him on the 25 because (and I’m guessing) they thought he could play and they wanted to give him his shot in the MLB.  So after 38 at bats they decide to send him down to the minors and expose him to another team.  Now, I’m not arguing Botts’s abilty…I have no idea.  I will say that the decision to keep him on the 25 should mean that the Rangers coaches and management believed that he had MLB potential and cutting him after 38 at bats is hasty…at best.  Now add in the fact that the Rangers are terrible this year and should be in rebuilding mode and it gets even more cloudy.  So let’s say that the Rangers were wrong on Botts in Spring Training and he isn’t a MLB bat.  That’s fine.  Let’s move on to the next part.

Bringing up Chris Shelton to team with Broussard at 1B.  Now the obvious question is why didn’t you just keep shelton at 1B out of spring training?   Or why not keep Nelson Cruz out of spring training to be your backup OF?  He is actually good on defense unlike guys like Cat and Botts and he would have stepped right in with the Byrd injury. 

Another question, why not cut Broussard and keep Botts?  Do you need two marginal 1B on a rebuilding team?  And finally, couldn’t you cut Botts and play a platoon at 1B with Shelton or Broussard with Saltalamacchia when he’s not catching?  You brought up Salty to platoon with Laird at catcher but he has the ability to play 1B also…so why not play him there when he’s not catching instead of DH’ing him?  And if you do that then you don’t need 2 spares in Shelton and Broussard.  It makes too much sense for Daniels and Washington to figure out I guess. 

You could sell me on the Shelton move if the Rangers were competing for anything other than last place or the biggest joke in the majors but they stink and should be rolling the dice with younger players not taking multiple gambles on marginal players.   Its’ ok to have Shelton or Broussard…just not both, there’s no development in that scenario.  Ranger fans should also be wary of the organization’s ability to judge its own talent after the fast starts by gallaraga, danks, and volquez and the miscalculations of Chris Young, and Adrian Gonzalez.   Do you really feel good about them being able to judge if one of their minor league guys can produce at the MLB level or will they get nervous if the kid doesn’t immediately produce and ship him out?


One response to “Those Crazy Texas Rangers

  1. Good Point. Plus, Daniels basically forced Washington to play Botts like a week ago and then they cut him?

    There’s no plan in place here because they don’t have the balls to actually play these young guys. They get too scared that he will fail. Horrible Team and Horrible Management all the way around.

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