Israel won’t help protect Jimmy Carter?

And they claim that they are an ally?

Israel’s secret service has declined to assist U.S. agents guarding former U.S. President Jimmy Carter during a visit in which Israeli leaders have shunned him, U.S. sources close to the matter said on Monday.

It’s bad enough that Israeli leaders won’t meet with him but now they won’t even meet with his security detail.  He’s an ex-president!  And there are many crazy right wing Israelis that would love to off him.  I’m pretty sure he’s safe on the Palestinian side as that wouldn’t help their cause.  Just because these two disagree on some of Carter’s views doesn’t meen you treat him like this.  At least he’s trying to solve the problems over there when he could just sit back in his rocker and do nothing.

American sources close to the matter said the Shin Bet security service, which helps protect visiting dignitaries and is overseen by Olmert’s office, declined to meet the head of Carter’s Secret Service security detail or provide his team with assistance as is customary during such visits.

“They’re not getting support from local security,” an American source said.


Another source described the snub as an “unprecedented” breach between the Israeli Shin Bet and the U.S. Secret Service, which protects all current and former U.S. presidents, as well as Israeli leaders when they visit the United States.

How many billions of dollars do we give Israel every year?  Can we put the petty politics aside and help protect this man’s life?  Where’s the Bush Administration on this?  It’s in the best interest of the Israeli people if nothing happens to Jimmy Carter, but of course it looks like their gov’t isn’t looking out for the interest of its people…as usual. 



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