Stop Bashing Patraeus – Here’s How to Get Out of Iraq

So we got to see the big Patraeus show this week.  We’ve got democrats all up in arms because he didn’t answer their questions how they wanted and we have republicans treating him like a god.  Look, it doesn’t matter what he says.  His job is to win the war and he’s not going to look at anything that falls outside of that goal.  It’s not his job.  He’s a General. 

Think of him like the head coach.  He wants every player he can get but it’s the general manager’s job to make sure the team makes money and plans for the future of the franchise.  If you want the US out of Iraq, then bash Bush and bash the congress for continuing to fund it and finally bash anyone who didn’t stand up against the war from the beginning (some of you will be bashing yourselves at that point).  But, I do offer the answer for getting out of Iraq. 

Are you ready?  Take a seat.  In fact, the answer starts at the UN.  Our president must stand in front of the UN general assembly and say the following:

  1. How many of you care about the Iraqi People?
  2. How many of you are worried about global terrorism?
  3. The US will not sustain its current troop levels in Iraq, we have done our job and we will be leaving.  Now, we believe there will be widespread bloodshed in Iraq if we leave.  Many Iraqi’s will die and there is a good possibility that extremist will take power following a civil war.  Regardless of how you felt about the Iraq War in the beginning, I am now putting it on your shoulders to protect the Iraqi People.  The US is not mistake free and we take responsibility for our actions but after 5 years we cannot continue.  The blood will be on all of our hands, not just the US, if you choose not to act.
  4. We need 150K troops and 12 Billion a month from the world to continue.  We will provide 30K troops and 2 billion a month in additional support.  That will bring the troop levels to 180K plus the approximately 100K security contractors and the Iraqi army and police.  This will be an 18 month commitment.  Iraqis will know that the entire world is supporting them and their quest towards a democratic country. 
  5. You have 30 days to decide.  We will take money and troops from every country including Venezuela, China, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Russia and Cuba.   If the world cannot meet the 150K in troops or the 10 Billion in funding then the US will begin pulling out of Iraq immediately.  The effects on the world economy, oil, and terrorist levels will be felt by everyone in this room and we will all be held accountable.   When you see innocent people dying in Iraq, you will only have the mirror to look into for the blame. 

If the world doesn’t want to send troops or money then why should we continue?  Obviously, they don’t think it’s important enough to actively participate in stabilizing and protecting the Iraqi population.  No reason we should have to continue this on our own.  So we leave. 

Patraeus probably knows that continuing the Iraq War is not good for the future of the US, but he can’t say that…he’s there to win it.  The US has to put some pressure on the world by using public sentiment…it’s basic politics.  But, you have to go before the UN and admit your mistakes and be honest, then ask for help.  And at the same time be strong enough to say that if you don’t get it…then you’re gone.  Let’s be honest:

  • we can’t continue these troop levels and rotations
  • we can’t afford the costs and the costs to replace all of this equipment
  • it’s not worth losing our troops over

2 responses to “Stop Bashing Patraeus – Here’s How to Get Out of Iraq

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  2. Right on. Go to the UN tomorrow. We took the original case there and right, wrong or full of lies there it was laid out. 5 yrs later, well everybody gets a newspaper, OK?

    So why do the US taxpayers and service members carry the load while the rest of the world rides along and watches and bitches? Its either a worldwide issue or its not. If its not we go home. If it is, open your purse and send your kids too. Make a decision. We are done alone. Thanks and good nite.

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