Lazy Marketing

On Sunday, HBO decided to air this double feature.  Dennis Rodman's Movie

Vanilla Ice's Movie

This is a “premium” channel that I pay for.  Seriously?  How lazy are the people at HBO?  I expect this lineup from G4 or something but I get this on HBO.   It’s bad enough that stupid “Epic Movie” is on 25 times a week but you give me Dennis Rodman  and Vanilla Ice on a weekend…On a freaking weekend! 

I should get a refund for the entire year.  And for anyone who thinks that it would be funny to actually watch those movies…just sit through either one for more than 5 minutes…the novelty wears off fast and you are just hoping someone walks in with a shotgun to put you out of your misery.   But, then you think to yourself…if I die then then last thing I’m going to remember is Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice.  Please.  Don’t let it end this way. 

I hate you HBO.  I really hate you. You ruined my life with your Sunday lineup.


3 responses to “Lazy Marketing

  1. Easy – you clearly have a problem. According to the star of “Cool as Ice,” “If there is problem, yo, I’ll solve it.”

    You got nothing to worry about – pay up.

  2. those pants do scream cool as ice.

  3. They don’t scream – they’re begging to be put out of their misery.

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