Quick NCAA Tournament Thoughts

If you are an NBA homer or just want to get jazzed up then check out Rosen’s article on how the NBA is sooo much better than NCAA.  Of course Rosen is just talking out of his ass so who cares.  College Basketball is much better than the NBA and this year’s tourney has been great so far. 

My quick thoughts:

  • A & M…soo close.  I can’t believe chunky Love hit that last fade-away. 
  • Who knew Del Curry’s son could shoot?  Shocking, right?  How many will he put up today?
  • I hate the Lopez brothers.  I don’t know why.  It’s like a cross between Noah and Neitzel.   And why do they have girls names?  I know there has to be some explanation but Robin and Brook?  Can’t root for you guys. 
  • The Longhorns are in trouble if Augustin gets into foul trouble.  They don’t have anyone to handle the ball other than him.  Mason and Abrams try but they can’t handle the pressure. 
  • I am so happy Duke lost.  I wish they would have lost in the first round.  I hate all Duke players past and present.  Enjoy watching the rest of the tournament. 
  • Why do I hate Duke so much?  Who cares, they suck.
  • Lose Arkansas.  Please Lose today.  I hate the beard
  • Tough loss UCONN.  AJ can play and that loss cost you a chance to move on.  and busted everyone’s bracket.
  • Memphis’ defense is still bad and UT Arlington couldn’t have played any better.  It’s amazing that they kept it that close without hitting 3 pointers.  That’s usually what keeps small schools in the game but UTA did it by going inside. 
  • Ian Eagle.  Ian freaking Eagle.  So close.  Can we get “Chappy Sinclair” for one game?  Is that too much to ask?

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