NBA vs NCAA Basketball

Just a few differences I’ve noticed:

  • much less flopping in the NCAA and when players do flop it often isn’t called.  Love that part.  I think when a player flops that they should be called for a foul.  It’s out of control in the NBA.
  • for me, the zone defense makes the game more exciting.  A true zone defense forces teams to pass and move and find the open spots to score.  It cuts down on the 1 on 1  stuff and forces a player to drive against the entire other team. 
  • the shorter 3 point shot forces college teams to defend the perimeter at all times.   This has a couple of effects:  1) teams want to push the ball to get open 3’s off transition.  2) College players don’t get many wide open looks at the 3 point shot  3) defending so close on the perimeter opens up the lane for drives and dishes
  • The refs are letting the college players bump and push on the block and they don’t call as many touch fouls on drives.  This keeps the flow of the game intact and keeps the crowd in the game.  The NBA refs tend to call fouls that have no bearing on the play at all.  Little touch fouls on the perimeter where the player doesn’t even have the ball.  Let them play.

So there you go.


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