Democrats are Embarrassing

I’m watching Meet the Press and the whole discussion about Florida and Michigan is really embarrassing.  I never could figure out why the democratic party decided to make those two primaries irrelevant in the first place.  Let’s throw out what’s happening now and voters should ask how it got to this point?  What kind of idiotic party leadership makes two of the most important states in a general election irrelevant?   I have to think that when the Dems made this decision…the Republicans were laughing in their war room, knowing that this would come back to hurt them.

If the primaries hadn’t been this close then this issue would have never come up now…and it should have been a huge issue in the first place.  It’s scary to think that the Democrats let it come to this.  Their leadership should have never allowed those two states to become irrelevant during the primary season.  You really have to ask yourself if this kind of thinking is an indication of decisions they will make in the future.  I would think the Republicans will seize on this decision and make a case for votes in the fall.   You combine that decision and the failures of the Dems in Congress and this election may be a lot tougher than the Democrats expect.

They can bash Bush over everything imaginable and they will be right but at some point they have to begin to sell their abilities and not just the failures of the Bush Administration.  The more I think about the failures of the Democratic Congress to stand up to Bush over every issue from domestic spying to Iraq to the Economy then you take this stupid primary strategy and it’s just flat out embarrassing.  I can’t see it any other way. 

And then if you get into the entire Super Delegate issue….I think it leaves many people wanting an alternative to the 2 parties. 


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