Where are your Balls Mark Cuban?

I’ve never been a huge fan of Mark Cuban.  I liked what he did for the Mavericks but I never gave him the “god-like” status that some did.  He’s done some great things for the Mavericks and some really stupid things.  I’ve met the guy and talked to him and let’s just say there are things about him that I don’t admire.  If there was “ego porn” then “Big Cubes” would be in high demand. 

This would fall under that category.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has instituted a new policy banning full-time bloggers from the team’s locker room, drawing an official protest from The Dallas Morning News, which employs the only writer so far banned.In an e-mail sent to Cuban on Monday, Bob Yates, deputy managing editor/sports of The Morning News, wrote that the policy “is a veiled attempt at retribution” against Morning News reporter Tim MacMahon, who has been blogging about the Mavericks since 2006.

And to be fair….I think Tim MacMahon is a terrible writer.  But I wouldn’t ban him.  I think Cuban is feeling the pressure and knows that the Kidd trade is not going to bring the Mavs a championship.  He also knows that Avery is in over his head and coaches in the same way as Scott Skiles.  He wears on players and after the first season and a half…it’s over.  Here’s the Mavs take:

 The Mavericks’ new policy denies locker room access to writers whose “primary purpose is to blog.” The policy states that the team does “not have enough room in the locker room, nor enough media passes to fairly accommodate everyone.”

They stole a page from Fox News.  Remember when Fox used the same excuse to bar Ron Paul from the debate?  Not the best organization to pattern yourself after. 

Hey Mark, do us all a favor and let the bloggers (well blogger) back in.  Take your criticism like an adult and stop the childish games that have clouded your ownership of the Mavs.  Your positive energy is what set the Mavs on a path to winning and it would be nice to see a little more of that and less politics.  It’s just basketball…lighten up.


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