Having an SEO Business

or something to that effect.  I’ve talked to a few other people who do SEO and I have to say some people in this industry just don’t get it.  If you are good at SEO and are only making say…30K a year…then you need to shake up what you are doing. 

Your Own Projects:

If you can design websites and get them ranked high…then you should be putting up websites and making money off of Google Adsense or other online marketing.  Also, why not take advantage of some affiliate programs?  You won’t become rich off these ideas but you will be able to supplement your income very nicely. 

Another untapped market is direct sales.  Yes, you will have to buy some sort of membership package but the commission is much higher than normal affiliate sales.  Sometimes it can be 40% off each product you sell.  Well, why not sign up and develop a website to sell those products? 

Selling Your Rates:

What to do when someone says you are “too expensive”?  Explain to them the value of your services.  You are putting customers in their online storefront.  That should be worth a lot to them and if it isn’t…don’t waste your time.  Move on.  Go to their competitor’s and offer your services and don’t be afraid to play them off one another.  One of them will see the value. 

Ask them how much they make off of an average deal?  Take a look at the traffic numbers and you will be able to guess at how many deals you can bring in someone by increasing their rankings.  This number will give you the “real worth” of your services.  Then try comparing that number with what you are charging and the customer will clearly see they are getting a deal. 

Profit Sharing:

Don’t be afraid to take some gambles here.  I know everyone wants to get paid the big bucks up front but if you are struggling then maybe you should go for these types of deals.  Agree to do SEO in exchange for 5% or whatever number seems fair.  It’s not always going to work out because you are at the mercy of that business.  The success of the business will not be solely in your hands.  You wil just be bringing the customers in the store.  The quality of the products and services…well that’s out of your hands.

It goes back to the old “diversification”.  Don’t be afraid to branch out from the SEO norm.  And do not hesitate getting advice from other small business owners and reading up on various business models. 


One response to “Having an SEO Business

  1. doyouneedawebsite

    That is interesting! I’m always looking for more ways to try and “sell my services”.

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