Kidd and Shaq Trades

I was holding off on this until I knew for sure Kidd was going to be traded…looks like it is going to happen so here is my analysis:

 First Shaq.

I love this trade for the Suns.  I think this is a chance they had to take.  They’ve never had a center and that has been a reoccuring theme for their fans over the past 20 years.  Enter Shaq.  First off, guys are not going to want to drive the lane with Shaq and Amare and this will make Nash a better defender.  The Suns also have scrappy Raja Bell and veterans Grant Hill and Diaw who all can rebound and play solid defense.  They do need one more wing player to fill in for Diaw and Hill at times but to me that’s all they gave up.  They will be a much better rebounding team on both ends of the court and I don’t think Shaq will have a problem fitting in that offense.  They will run about half the time and on those possessions he will just be resting at the other end of the court. 

He will be similar to Kareem in his final years in that some games he will be a non factor and other games people will say “that’s the old Shaq”.   The thing is, the Suns only need him about half the time to get themselves over the hump.

The Kidd trade.

I hate it.  I think it is a terrible move by the Mavs but then again I don’t like Jason Kidd.  He’s always been a whiny player and when things get tough…he will just quit.  I think the difference between Deven and Kidd isn’t that great…it just looks greater on the Mavs because Avery won’t let Deven loose.  Avery reminds me of a college coach who has to control everything…it’s probably because he doesn’t really have any coaching experience and just went from a player to a coach in one season.

The loss of Diop is huge.  Dampier is a soft, underachieving, and injury prone player who always wilts under pressure.  The pressure will all be on him now and will he actually stay healthy for the rest of the season?  I wonder who the Mavs will pick up….maybe Lance Allred but I think they need more of a shot blocker.  Diop hasn’t been playing as much this year but he would have made a difference in the playoffs for them.   The Mavs could have signed him in the off season as a free agent with Bird Rights.  Also, the Mavs gave up Van Horn who was a valuable trade chip that could have been used to upgrade the shooting guard spot or provide a backup center.  And think for a second…the Mavs gave up 2 first round picks.  2!  why?  Really? that was necessary to get this trade through? 

Jason Kidd is not good on defense.  Yes, he plays the passing lane well which leads to steals but is not good one on one.  Also, Kidd is not good in the half court.  He can’t shoot and cannot penetrate to score anymore.  Knowing this, I would just make him beat me with his offense cause he can’t do it.  Kidd is great in the open court and used to be the fastest player in the league with the ball in his hands..but he’s older and playing with a bum knee.  This trade would have been great 3 years ago but this year…it’s dumb.  To me, Avery is the one of the biggest problems with this team.  He needs to allow his players the freedom to play and become responsible for their play. 

It makes me think back to something Bill Parcells said once…he wanted his team to get to the point that after a play they didn’t look to the sidelines for the answers…he wanted them to have the answers and be confident in themselves and it is at that point where you can win Championships.


One response to “Kidd and Shaq Trades

  1. My main concern is with Diop, too. Who’s covering the middle when Dampier is out? Cuz there’s no way he’s going to last a full game.

    The Mavs’ shipped has sailed (and sunk). They had a chance while the Lakers were down to do what they needed to do, but the rest of the West has caught up, and I don’t think the Mavs are a top 5 team anymore.

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