NBA = Joke

With all the trades going it has become clear that this league is a joke.  Let’s examine why the NBA sucks:

  • Guaranteed Contracts:  Socialism 101!   same argument made against Socialism, can be made here.  There’s no motivation for these guys because they are guaranteed their salaries no matter what.  If someone told me my salaray was guaranteed for the next 6 years…what motivation do I have to do the little things to stay on top of my game.  It’s 6am in August, what is going to make your average NBA player get up and work on their dribbling? 

This is one of my favorite stories to suppor this argument.  Ron Mahay was a pitcher for the Texas Rangers who got a 2 year contract and got complacent in his off season workouts.  2 years!  that’s it, that’s all it took.    So imagine guys on 4 and 5 or even 6 year deals. 

Mahay, who signed a two-year contract at the end of 2004, said he simply grew content with his workout schedule after getting the security of a multiyear deal. That led to a poor spring training, during which his velocity dipped into the mid-80 mph range. He never caught up during the season.

“You have to continue to have a work ethic,” said Mahay, whose fastball has jumped back to the 90-91 mph range. “This winter, I took a lot of things to heart. I didn’t take anything for granted. You have to continue to have a work ethic. My mistake was that I got complacent.”

  • Buyouts:  not only do these guys get guaranteed contracts but now they are negotiating buyouts to get off losing teams and onto winning teams.  Damon Stoudamire recently went from being a captain of a team to negotiating a buyout.  That’s just great team leadership.  The Mavericks are trying to trade Jerry Stackhouse to New Jersey…then have him negotiate a buyout and sign him again.  That make sense to anyone?  The NBA needs to bar guys who get buyouts from signing with another team that season…you negotiate a buyout…you sit out the rest of the year. 
  • Players Demanding Trades:  Hey Jason Kidd you signed with New Jersey.  You took the money and stayed in Jersey and now you want out because your team is losing and you are unhappy.  You whiny baby…grow up and deal with it like a man.  Michael Pietrus you demanding a trade?  So you got a one year 3.5 million deal…yeah that sounds terrible and on top of that you say you can’t wait 3 more months to be a free agent you have to be one right now!    And your desire to be closer your home in the French Caribbean…is just laughable.  You are getting paid millions of dollars for playing basketball half the year!  3 hours closer to your home is that big of a difference?

So if you ignore everything else about the NBA and just think about those 3 things it’s not hard to determine that the product out there is not nearly as good as it could be.  Players have little incentive to play as hard as they can and they know they can always force their way out of a situation that doesn’t suit them.  This produces whiny players such as Kidd and Pietrus and even recently Devean George whose case is even stranger.  He wanted a trade and then once he got traded decided it wasn’t for him and blocked it. 

Genius.  You can have your socialist NBA.


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