What are the Cowboys Doing?

So much for a quiet off-season. 

First, we have the trade rumors with the Dolphins.  The rumor is the cowboys are thinking of trading Barber and picks for the 1st pick in the draft where they can draft McFadden.  I don’t see how this really works for both teams as Miami is already paying Ronnie Brown big money and I don’t think they’d invest more in the running back position.  The only thing I can think of is maybe they will be comparable to the vikings who have Taylor and AP and maybe Parcells is willing to do anything to avoid paying the huge signing bonus to the 1st pick in the draft.

For the Cowboys, they would be taking on a huge contract at a time where they are going to have to start making some tough decisions on players salaries.  This move would be a gamble to win next year at all costs…something Jerry would do (crap now I believe the rumors).  Jerry may think he needs more star-power on this team because TO’s age will no doubt make him very average, very soon.  Or maybe his Arkansas roots are firmly entrenched in his brain. 

The next situation brewing over at Valley Ranch is the hiring of some “big name” assistant coaches.  Jerry brought back some guys from the 90’s in Houck and Campo.  I don’t see the reason in bringing Campo back…yes he is a good secondary coach but he’s got too much of a reputation here to just be a normal position coach.  The media is too close to him and if things go bad they will get him to talk.  Houck I’m ok with but the rumor is Wade had someone else in mind. 

The Dom Capers situation is spiraling out of control rather quickly.  Apparently, Brian Stewart told Capers that he wasn’t too comfortable with Capers being hired onto the staff and this prompted Capers to turn the job down, only to have Jerry and Co. pursue him further and try to talk him into coming anyway.  Let me get this straight:

Wade is a defensive minded coach and that is his “specialty” and why you hired him.  He then hand-picked his Def Coordinator and had the defense playing much better last year even with injuries to the secondary and the loss of Jason Ferguson.  The team goes 13-3 and lost a playoff game because the offense didn’t score enough points…same reason they lost in Seattle the year before.  So Jerry goes out and hires one former Head Coach in Campo and is trying to hire another in Capers.  Why?  Does this defense need that much help?  What about Garrett? 

Last year, Garrett had Sporano on the staff but this year he is on his own and apparently Jerry is just fine with that instead choosing to go after big name coaches on the other side of ball.  The chain of command will be screwed if Capers comes aboard.  It will make Stewart a non-factor and wouldn’t surprise me if the players tuned him out.  And if that happens, how long before Wade gets tuned out with players knowing he is a lame-duck coach? 

It’s as if Jerry is setting up the coaching staff for Jason Garrett even though he isn’t the current head coach.  This type of thing can absolutely destroy a team.  I wonder if Jerry is trying to “up” Parcells.  Parcells raided the Cowboys and maybe Jerry wants to really send him a message that says “hey Bill, you didn’t hurt us at all….see who I hired”. 

There are those that say Stewart should be more than willing to accept Capers on the staff…but those people are fooling themselves or have never been a leader or in a position of real power in an organization.  That hire would be a clear message to the players on that football team that Stewart is irrelevant and also that Wade is irrelevant in Jerry’s mind.  Hell of a way to start the off-season.

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