Another Piss Poor Debate

Message to CNN:

 There are actually 4 Republicans still in the campaign.  Apparently, you guys didn’t get the message.  But thanks for giving us the McCain/Romney show…I would hope everyone who watched those two idiots talk would immediately cross their names off the list.  It was embarrassing to watch.  I’m glad Huckabee and Paul pointed this out as best they could.

When Huckabee was asked a different question, he tried to steer the conversation back to highlight his conservative credentials.

“You want to talk conservative credentials?  Let me get in on that,” Huckabee said, and then described his opposition to abortion and gay rights. After McCain and Romney clashed bitterly over the Iraq war, Huckabee said: “I didn’t come here to umpire a ballgame between these two.”

“Governor Huckabee, we’re going to shower you with questions now,” moderator Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times said.

It didn’t make much difference, and he was soon complaining he had not been showered with questions. “I’m going to make sure I get a little time here.”

Paul, who has not won any of the early primary contests but still has raised millions of dollars from supporters, was not able to detail his credentials. “I would like to take one minute, since I didn’t get a chance to answer this discussion on conservative versus liberal,” he said.

Moderator Anderson Cooper promised him he would have an opportunity later. But it never came. 

I know this is “old news” but I hadn’t seen it before…apparently McCain refers to the guys who tortured him and his friends as “gooks”…and continues to do so to this day.  This is the best way to describe his choice.

“If Sen. McCain had been captured by Nigerians, could he call those people `niggers’ and think he wasn’t going to offend everyone who is black?” Akoi asked. “We can all feel for what he went through, but if that’s his level of sensitivity, I’m very disappointed.”

And here are some of McCain’s thoughts:

“I will call right now, my interrogator that tortured me, a gook,” McCain said. “(I can’t believe that) anybody doesn’t believe these interrogators and prison guards were cruel and sadistic people who deserve the worst appellations possible.”

McCain said he does not consider the comment an epithet.

“Gook,” he said, “is the kindest appellation I can give.”

This man is carrying around a lot of anger even to this day.  I’m pretty sure he needs a lot of therapy and I don’t want someone like that in charge of the red button…he’s insane.  I wonder if the Republican establishment is actually setting him up.  The Republicans should lose the election by 8-10%(i stress should) and if McCain gets the nomination I can see him making several mistakes to increase that margin even more…thus embarrassing him and making him possibly the “worst” presidential candidate in modern times. 

If the Republican establishment thinks they have no shot why not take down someone who has been a thorn in their side since 2000?


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