Tony Romo is Dating a LadyBoy

Well maybe not but if he was this is what would happen:

  1. Romo would figure out that he was dating a LadyBoy but refuse to address it in the media.  
  2. Babe Laufenberg, Dale Hanson, Randy Galloway and Steve Dennis would all lead a campaign defending him saying it was impossible for Romo to know his girlfriend was a guy. 
  3. Mickey Spagnola would then say he hasn’t heard anything about it from Valley Ranch and that it’s just all speculation at this point which is totally unfair, so until he hears it from his Daddy Jerry it must be untrue. 
  4. Then Skip Bayless would go on ESPN and say that Romo is in fact Troy Aikman’s lover and has been since Troy’s rookie year.   Then Skip would deny that he ever said it and that he has too much credibility to start a rumor like that. 
  5. Emmitt Smith, Shannon Sharpe and Terry Bradshaw would all give their opinions but it would take 2 to 3 weeks to actually decipher what they said.  
  6. Deion and Michael Irvin would talk about how god saved them from their ladyboy addictions.  Deion would then pat himself on the back. 
  7. Tiki Barber would smile at the camera and say nothing of real importance while Jerome Bettis laughs uncontrollably. 

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