Chargers Whining and LT’s lack of Emotion

Again, the Chargers whine after another loss.  Anyone else sick of it?  Handle it on the field.  And my biggest problem is with LT. 

He just sat on the bench all day feeling sorry for himself.  Hey, aren’t you supposed to be a leader on that team?  Get your butt up and cheer your teammates on, offer advice and help to Turner and Sproles.  Do something!  I watched Sam Madison last week in street clothes offer everything he could to his teammates but LT sits on the bench behind his visor and says nothing and does nothing.  Just sits and watch.  I guess he was just feeling sorry for himself because he couldn’t play. 

The Chargers were one play away from winning that game and maybe a little emotional support from LT would have given them the edge they needed.  Maybe showing your teammates that you believe in them would have made them just a little more confident in their play and meant the difference in the game.  just maybe.  But apparently, the tragedy of LT not playing was just greater than the game itself.


8 responses to “Chargers Whining and LT’s lack of Emotion

  1. Just right. Robot LT didn’t seem to move a muscle during the entire game. Especially funny noting that in was bundled up in one of those big coats. Despite the hundred shots of RoboLT, neither Nanz nor Simms mentioned what a jackass he was, not playing or cheering his team on. LT spends a lot of time during the off-season and between games crying to convince people that he cares; he just can’t quite convince anyone on the field (or the sidelines). He is a weird guy.

  2. yeah Ian that was strange that the announcers never mentioned it. And really he didn’t cheer much the game before when he got hurt. LT seems like a good guy but in this instance he deserves some criticism.
    There was some game recently (college or pros…I can’t remember) where a player hurt his leg and he was jumping around on his one good leg cheering his teammates on during the game.

  3. LT is fake, he puts out an image of himself that people want to see. The real LT (or anyone for that matter) is shown through adversity, LT cleary showed he is a whiny cry baby that will never win a superbowl

  4. Maybe he just needed some Campbell’s soup.

  5. LT, abanded his team and teammates, he’s a whinny baby, self serving and a loser, he couldn’t show a little class to cheer his team mates on….and merriman a non-issue, didn’t hear his name mentioned once another whinny roid eating no account loser….well they shouldn’t get anymore commerials either…the losers…

  6. more like lack of support from LT, it’s always been all about him….screw you l.t.

  7. one more thing, remember last year l.t. when you called out belicheck….well, whinner you will be having porpcorn with t.o. this superbowl,,,,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. I hate LT

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