Energy Drinks

I was watching Idiocracy and it got me thinking about energy drinks.  If you haven’t seen the movie then let me explain.  In the future, everyone drinks this “gatorade” drink and water is non-existant.  The name of the energy drink is Brawndo.  Anyways, I know this is kind of late news…but some of us have lives.

The makers of Cocaine Energy Drink are making another drink called Brawndo.  It got me thinking about other names like red bull, slam, and monster and then I ran across one particular energy drink that I hadn’t seen before.  Steven Seagal has an energy drink called “lightning bolt“…umm.  Has anyone tried this drink?  And if that wasn’t enough, there is one called “Asian Experience”.  Wow.

I guess it has been out for awhile but it makes me wonder why more actors don’t come out with things with their names on it.  That guy from American Pie should definitely come out with an entire line of frozen pies.  Genius, I tell you.  And I think a Potato Chip line from Jack Black would do great.   Let’s see who else?  Will Smith seems like a Cereal guy maybe…and, Norm from Cheers should come out with his own beer. 


7 responses to “Energy Drinks

  1. The engergy drink category fascinates me as well. One of the stupidest ones I’ve seen recently is Effect which is shipped to Canada (where I live) from Germany. It comes in a can that is further wrapped in a foil wrapped box so that it takes as much energy as possible to recycle it’s various parts.

    Don’t even get me started on water nonsense. Last year I was sent bling H20 which sells for $45 per bottle. The water is from LA – mecca for purity NOT! and the bottle is encrusted with swarksi crystals. Then I got Tasmanian Rain water ($70 a bottle) which is shipped from Tasmania. How many carbon credits do you need to off set a glass of this stuff, I wondered then and now?

    Anyhow, I digress. Thanks for calling out the craziness that is energy drinks. If we all just turned on the tap and guzzled our local water and put the $ we spend on these drinks to bringing clean water to all parts of the world we’d all be better off.

  2. Wow those are some crazy numbers Dana. I have some friends involved in a few projects to bring water to Darfur and yes you are right…just imagine what we could do with money saved.

  3. ive had the seagal energy drink. i found them in a gas station about an hour outside of austin, tx.

    it is not good. but it sure was funny.

  4. Thanks Spencer. I would think a tshirt would be a good idea. I could see them being huge in Europe.

  5. not a fan of the stuff looks like it was banned anyways, check out http://www.cocaine-drink. com for more info i guess

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