I don’t know how else to put it.  Some interesting things today.

  1. Inflation – Maybe we should take Ron Paul a little more seriously when he talks about the dollar.   Highest in 26 years and the other Republicans say the economy is “sound”.  Sure guys.
  2. Kenneth Davis? – Sloppy reporting from Fox News.  I saw this the other day and thought for sure it would have been fixed by now.  It’s “Keith Davis” morons!
  3. Beer to the Rescue – Beer fights cancer!  Please let this be true…please.
  4. Cloned Food Safe to Eat – Sure FDA.  Sure.  I mean you guys are never wrong about this stuff.  Vioxx sound good to anyone, right now?  How much money was spent by lobbyist to get this one approved?   
  5. Let’s sell them Weapons! – Major Arms deal to Saudi Arabia.  I mean they are our friends…as long as the royal family is in charge and of course the Saudi people just love them.  What happens when the royal family gets kicked out (think the Shah of Iran) and those weapons are still there?  cough.  “blowback”
  6. Was it a Prank? – How stupid does Fox News look now?  I mean that was their big question at their debate.  Hey Brit, you think the Navy made the right call now?  Maybe just maybe we should do some investigation before we jump on these things.  Alas, it’s only war…death…lives…money.
  7. Goodbye  Dennis – NBC wants Kucinich out of the debate.  If they are running, can we hear them speak?  It’s only January.
  8. California is Broke – not good as it’s economy if measured would be like the 7th or 8th largest in the world
  9. Greenspan’s New Job – hmm, hired by a Hedge Fund that shorted the subprime Market and made billions.  In my opinion, that’s not glaring information as anyone with half a brain knew that giving loans to people who historically were not good at paying back debt was sure to backfire, eventually.
  10. More Troops to Afghanistan – Really?  More?  How long is this going to last?  Any other nations sending troops?  Nope.  Then why are we?  If they aren’t worried about it then should we? 
  11. Let’s Be careful out there – And lastly, if you want some laughs or maybe it’s too bad to laugh.  Watch some Youtube clips of “cop rock”.  I can’t fathom how that show got out of the focus groups and onto TV.

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