Dallas Cowboys by the Numbers

I read the article from SI about Romo’s numbers and it got me thinking.

Since that article is about Romo let’s start there:

Let’s compare last year with this year:

  • Yards per attempt: Last year 8.6  /  This year:  8.1  (didn’t think this was the case)
  • Yards per game as a starter:    Last year 264.1  /  This year:  263.2 (also didn’t think this was the case)
  • Completion %:  Last year 65.8  /  This year: 64.4 

I really thought that this year’s numbers would be greater than last year’s.  That is the perception out there, that last year Parcells ran a conservative offense, etc but this year Garrett put in a wide open offense.  But, really the numbers are about the same except of course TD’s.

Fumbles:  Last year 8 fumbles and 3 lost  /  This year 10 fumbles and 2 lost (this seemed incredibly lucky to me so I looked up some other QB’s.)

  • Tom Brady: 5 fumbles and 4 lost /  last year:  12 fumbles and 4 lost
  • Brett Favre:  9 fumbles and 3 lost / last year: 7 fumbles and 5 lost and the year before that 10 fumbles and 7 lost
  • Peyton Manning:  5 fumbles and 1 lost / last year: 2 fumbles and 1 lost, the year before that 5 fumbles and 2 lost
  • Eli Manning:  13 fumbles and 7 lost / last year:  9 fumbles and 2 lost, the year before 9 fumbles and 2 lost.

That’s a lot of fluctuation from year to year.  Favre had horrible luck for 2 straight years and this year the ball is bouncing the right way and the team is doing great.  I mean in terms of being plus or minus in turnovers for the entire season, those fumbles have a pretty big impact.  I think it is safe to say that this year, Tony Romo, has had good luck in this department.

Marion Barber:

In Dallas wins:

  • he averages 4.9 yards per carry and has 10 TD’s

In Dallas losses:

  • he averages 3.4 yards per carry and has 0 TD’s

And against the NFC East he averages 3.3 yards per carry and only has 2 TD’s.  that’s in 6 games. 

Jason Witten:

This year he is averaging 11.9 yards per catch…last year?  11.8 and the yards after catch are exactly the same at 4.1

Dallas Cowboys Team Stats – Offense

This year:  Rank 3rd in yards per game.  Rank 4th in Passing Yards per game.  Rank 2nd in points.  3rd down % was 42.2% and had 104 penalties.

Last year:  Rank 5th in yards per game.  5th in passing yards per game.  Rank 4th in Points.  3rd down % 48.8 and had 100 penalties.

Hmm.  Those numbers are pretty close all the way around and if you factor in the games Bledsoe started then you would probably have identical numbers on offense from a year ago.  I just thought these were pretty interesting.  I’ll let ya’ll discuss what they actually “mean”.


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