Ron Paul and Fox – what the other candidates should do.

I think most people can agree that it is unbelievable that Fox is getting away with excluding him from the debate after he pulled 10% in Iowa and is polling over that in New Hampshire.  Obviously, there is a sizable amount of Republicans who like his message of smaller government, getting out of Iraq, and his stance on taxes.  Now, how should the other candidates handle this?

Right now, they are saying very little.  I think I heard McCain mention something like “we’ll miss you tomorrow, Ron”.  Here’s what I would do if I were one of the five invited to Fox. 

  • Show Up
  • Wait for it to start
  • Then say on air:  “Due to the decision to exclude Ron Paul from this forum and the fact that the New Hampshire GOP has backed out, I feel that it best serves democracy and fairness if I choose not to participate”
  • Then walk off

What do you think the big story after the debate would be?  Imagine if McCain did this?  Every news story would be about that action and none of it about what was actually said during the forum/debate.  It would get you an enormous amount of press.  Plus, I think it would make you look more appealing to Paul’s supporters if he chooses to drop out at some point.  The Republicans will need all the votes they can get next November as they look very unappealing in a general election. 

I think it would really separate the candidates if this were to happen.  I think people are looking for something “different” and a candidate strong enough to lead the country.  And people love it when someone stands up for fairness. 


5 responses to “Ron Paul and Fox – what the other candidates should do.

  1. He is a waste of air time. Good move by Fox.

  2. Yes…let’s censor what we don’t want to hear. I think over 10% of the primary voters in New Hampshire would disagree.

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  4. I think it’s a good idea, actually. And you’re right. If McCain did this, he would be the big winner. Plus it was just be an act of high integrity.

    Nice new look. Looks vaguely familiar . . . .

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