Make the NBA Better

I have voiced my displeasure with the NBA numerous times on this blog and I got to thinking tonight about how the Celtics and the Pistons are playing but I have zero interest in watching the game.  I care about the result but not watching the game. So I have an idea. 

A big problem with the games is how slow they are because of the foul calls.  The NBA tried to fix this problem by calling the game tighter and putting in the hand-check fouls…but I don’t think it has worked.  The NHL did a similar thing a few years ago and their scoring shot up.  The NBA hasn’t seen this type of result.  Why?  Simple, a penalty in the NHL is very costly and often leads to a goal whereas a foul in the NBA isn’t really a big deal. 

So why not reward fouls with 3 shots from now on and 4 shots if you are fouled while shooting a 3 pointer. 

This might cut down on guys fouling players who have open layups and dunks which is what fans want to see.  But, in today’s game most of these never happen because guys will just take the foul instead to “save two points”.  But, if it were 3 shots…then it might cut down on this.  I think several things could happen

  1. Players who get sick of being fouled when they drive will start driving again.  I’m talking to you T-MAC, you won’t have to worry about getting fouled everytime you drive and get a clean look…and if you do you can get 3 points out of it. 
  2. It would make guys who can’t shoot foul shots almost unplayable.  This would force guys to spend the extra hours to get their % up to at least 70-75. 
  3. It would pretty much eliminate the “end of game fouls”.  You know what I’m talking about.  The I’m down by 10 points with 1:20 left so I’m going to just keep fouling and fouling and hope the other team misses their shots.  Well, now those are worth 3 shots so the other team can put this out of reach…fast.
  4. It would result in less fouls, less stops in play, more scoring, and more highlights.

What do you think?  Someone ask Cuban.


3 responses to “Make the NBA Better

  1. For me, the NBA lost a lot of its glamour when games were no longer 101-100 and became 81-80. Whether it be the constant fouling, the inability to make free throws, the tendency to go one-on-one with most possessions – hard to say. I think a number of things have conspired to make the games lower scoring and sluggish in flow. I do think a tinkering of the rules is in order – college game certainly shares the lack of momentum at the end of its games via so many timeouts. Both levels have some kinks to work out as far as end-of-game flow.

  2. I am with you on the “hard to say” part. I haven’t been able to really pin down why I don’t enjoy the NBA anymore either. I also think describing it as a “sluggish flow” is a good description (except suns games).

  3. Yeah, those Suns sure walked the ball up the court yesterday, huh? Now that’s basketball!

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