A couple of random things

Ran across some interesting things lately:

  • Brett throws up a lovefest over AlterBridge.  It’s Creed minus Scott Stapp. 
  •  Parcells will interview Jeff Ireland for the GM job with Miami.  ouch!  big loss for the boys.
  • I got an insider tip on a new contest by Vizio.  The site isn’t really up yet and voting doesn’t start till Jan 7th…but if you want a sneak preview check it out. 
  • What’s with the cell phone commercial selling the “Venus” phone to guys?  I can’t remember who does the commercial but as a guy I don’t want to own a phone called ‘Venus”. 
  • Can’t wait to see Rambo on Jan 25th.

2 responses to “A couple of random things

  1. OMG, I cant wait to see Rambo either..although I really hate the bus ads.

  2. Yes, i think everyone should dress up to see it…complete with the knife, headband and bow and arrow.

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