Google won’t Act

I’ve grown very frustrated with Google over a website that has the #1 ranking on a search phrase that I’m going after for another company.  The website that is sitting at #1 is using hidden text and using repeated words…for example they would be hiding “repeated words repeated words repeated words” 

not even trying to make it look like that text is there for any other reason.  I am not posting the link because I don’t want to help them out anymore.  It’s been four months and I’ve reported them to Google…but they do nothing.  It’s just really frustrating.  Additionally, the site is broken and plainly reads “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.”

I don’t have an answer here…just wanted to vent my frustrations and see if anyone has had a similar experience with Google.  A little competition for Google would do wonders for their product.

I’ve already posted them as cheaters in a previous post. 


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