A Few NBA thoughts

I have watched very little of the NBA this year, in fact, I haven’t watched an entire game all year.  Just can’t make it through a game.  I still follow the box scores, news, and certain players.  So having said that, here are my thoughts on the season so far:

  • I really like the +/- stats on the boxscores now.  The stats can be a little misleading on bench players but for starters they are pretty accurate.  The top 5 so far are the 3 Celtic Stars (Allen, KG, and Pierce) followed by by Nash and Billups.  Some interesting minus players are Brandon Bass of the Mavs at -73, Ben Gordon -153, Eddy Curry -178, and Danny Granger at -73. 
  • Bynum is averaging a double double and is still only 20 years old…wow
  • What happened to Steve Francis?  He is a shell of the “frachize”.  I just dont’ get how he has fallen so far.  He should at least be able to score off the bench. 
  • Antoine Walker you suck.  Half of your shot attempts are 3’s.  You can’t make them so stop shooting them.  So much talent and so lazy. 
  • Please stop calling Josh Howard a good defensive player
  • Why can’t Quentin Richardson play anymore?  Atleast get rebounds and stop shooting 3’s.

I wish they would move the 3pt line back even further and of course get rid of the guaranteed contracts.  How many guys would get cut tomorrow if the contracts weren’t guaranteed like the NFL? 


2 responses to “A Few NBA thoughts

  1. How does the +/- thing work?

  2. glad you asked. probably should have included this in the post.


    The Lenovo Stat shows the power of teamwork. It’s a way of showing the best-engineered/best combination of players on the court. The Lenovo Stat is a plus/minus statistic that looks at the point differential when players are both in and out of the game, to see how the team performs with various combinations.

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