Dallas Mavericks Crappy Drafts

There is a discussion going on at the mavs blog.

Have I ever mentioned that I think the Mavs should have drafted Glen “Big Baby” Davis?

Nick Fazekas might be doing a fine job for the Tulsa 66ers, but Big Baby has become a key part of perhaps the NBA’s best teams.

Yes that’s a true statement but the idiot, Tim MacMahon, who wrote the blog piece fails to understand the real problem.  His short-sightedness ignores the year before when the Mavs drafted Maurice Ager in the 1st round (28th overall) and passed on Paul Millsap who went in the 2nd round (17th pick of that round).  That’s the idiot decision this so-called “Mavs expert” should be writing about. 

One of my friends pointed this out:

Let’s see the two things that 99.99% of the time translate from college to the pro’s are rebounding and shot blocking….Milsap get’s almost 15 boards a game for TWO seasons in a row in college.   We take a two guard that is a little short and is a volume shooter in college to come off our bench instead of a rebounder that can play a little 3 and a little 4.  Makes sense especially since we have to keep signing the Eddie Jones, Greg Buckner, Trenton Hassell’s ect because Mo Ager isn’t ready to contribute.   God knows this team couldn’t use an athletic rebounder…..

But, what about Juwan Howard?  He screams “athletic rebounder”.  Cuban and Co. should be screaming about the draft two years ago…wait you don’t think Millsap could have helped against Golden State, do you?  Nah, an undersized athletic rebounder who blocks shots wouldn’t have done any good against an undersized athletic team.


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