Monday NFL Thoughts

Good day of football yesterday.

  • Except you Phil Simms…you made the Pats game almost unwatchable.  Think sentences, next time.
  • Vince Young if you can’t throw, you better at least start running
  • LT sure gets a lot of free passes from the media.  He got away with calling out the Pats and now he shuns his QB during a game and there’s mostly silence out there this morning. 
  • Cleveland just keeps winning.  Not real pretty but at the end of the day they get the job done
  • Brian Billick please resign…your Ravens are terrible.  So many bad decisions have been made with that team and they look like they haven’t been coached at all just playing on emotion and trying to intimidate the other team.
  • Someone actually started John Beck in my fantasy league…
  • Jacksonville is going to be tough in the playoffs, physical team that can run the ball.  Their QB doesn’t turn it over and can make plays with both his feet and arms. 
  • Great point by Madden last night talking about how poor a decision it is for the NFL to release the fines publicly on friday before sunday games. 

Cowboys/Lions thoughts:

Again, the cowboys defense didn’t show up against the Lions.  The Lions are a bad, bad football team.  Kitna should not be starting in this league, I’m pretty sure I throw harder than him.  Woody was playing RT for the first time in his career after he had been benched at Guard where the domination that is Stephen Peterman occupies his position. 

I had not doubt that Romo was going to win that game.  I knew the Lions couldn’t cover the TE or the RB and Romo would just pick them apart.  But, luckily they can’t recover fumbles either or they would have beaten the Boys. 

  • Todd Archer finally mentions TO’s contract.  But I mentioned it weeks ago.  Still Archer, doesn’t really delve into it…just mentions it and gives the standard quotes from Stephen Jones.  bottom line:  TO doesn’t play on a one year deal, my guess is he’ll want 3 years at around 12 Mil a piece.
  • Roy you should have been called for interference in the endzone.  You played a terrible game and are still my least favorite Cowboy.
  • Great play calling by Garrett.  Their LB’s couldn’t cover Witten and Barber at the same time….some team is going to give Garrett big money this off-season.
  • how much money is Jacques Reeves making himself?
  • Was that a cheapshot by Ware on Kitna early in the game?  sure looked like it  
  • I wonder how good Sam Hurd can be and if that means you let Crayton walk if he demands big money.  I’d compare Crayton to Justin McCareins who got that huge deal from the Jets


I can’t  believe I forgot this.  Shaun Rogers…get your fat butt in shape or give the Lions back the money they paid you.  You are a disgrace.

He is a great guy and I have met him a and talked to him a few times (even played basketball with him) but being a great guy and being a great football player are two different things. 


4 responses to “Monday NFL Thoughts

  1. Amen on calling on Billick to step down. The “offensive guru” rep he acquired while managing inherited talent in Minnesota has long been exposed as a fraud. Winning that Super Bowl happened about a million years ago for Ravens’ fans and its hard to believe how Billick continues to keep his job. And, LT certainly does seem to get a free ride with the national press…I guess when you win “NFL Man of the Year” with Drew Brees it buys you that freedom to stiff your quarterback in public. On the other hand, it’s hard to blame him since John Beck might eventually be a better QB than Philip Rivers!

  2. Great point on Billick and his “offensive guru” rep. He’s been horrible with the Ravens with a number of QB’s, WR’s, and RB’s. Plus, he just looks like a guy who really doesn’t have control of his team and is just picking up a pay check.

    I am really surprised at how Rivers has played this year. I thought he would step up with all those weapons.

  3. I agree with everything EXCEPT you dissing Kitna. I don’t care how hard he throws – it works. And it looks like everything he said about the Cowboys Defense is right – Newman can’t cover the timing routes (which were beautiful), James & Co. never got to him, and Roy sucks, and can’t even tackle what’s in front of him anymore (his once one redeeming quality).

  4. Oh sorry brett…forgot you two were golfing buddies. He just has never impressed me as a QB. I would almost compare him to Jim Harbaugh. Kitna should be a backup QB on a good team or a starter on a bad one.

    And yes he was right on the Cowboys D. They didn’t step up to the challenge…the cowboys defense likes to talk a big game but they don’t like to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Do they make “Roy Sucks” cowboys jersey’s?

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