Dallas Cowboys and their 3rd QB

Something dawned on me the other day.  The Dallas Cowboys do not have a 3rd QB on their roster and they have two players who probably would be their emergency quarterback if it ever got that far…Patrick Crayton and Isaiah Stanback, both WR’s.  One thing is striking:  Teams with a 3rd QB actually dress more players than teams who do not have a 3rd QB on the roster.  The inactive players are the same but the 3rd QB is dressed and can play in the 4th quarter without affecting the other 2 QB’s…no other inactive player has this ability.

  • Also, can the emergency QB come in the game in the 4th quarter at another position? 
  •  Can he play special teams in the 4th Qtr without affecting the starter and backup?
  • If he can then every team should just designate someone as their 3rd QB just so they could use that guy in the 4th if they needed or wanted to.

Now, Crayton is active every week because he is their 2nd WR but Stanback hasn’t been active the last few weeks (other than when Crayton was hurt) because Miles Austin is now the Kick Returner and Stanback isn’t really needed.  So Stanback has been on the sidelines in street clothes and that would mean if anything happened to Romo and Brad Johnson that Crayton would have to be your emergency QB. 

So why not dress Stanback as your emergency, 3rd string QB if he’s not going to dress at WR?  Sure, the chances of it getting that far aren’t high at all but why not protect yourself a little bit by teaching Stanback a few plays and having that option.  At least, he would be involved in the game as the 3rd QB  and not just standing in street clothes. 

I wonder why Wade hasn’t done this?  You would still have the same guys inactive but Stanback would be able to play in an emergency situation.  It wouldn’t cost the team anything and it would help keep a young guy focused on the game.  And at the least, you could use Stanback as a WR or on special teams if you had an injury to another player. 


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