SEO Cheaters…these bastards

Sometimes I come across websites that just blatantly cheat and today I found one.  These seo cheaters tried to be clever but it’s easy to find by viewing the source. 

Here’s what you are looking for:

<div id=”Layer12″ style=”position: absolute; left: -825px; top: -865px;

Then they try to hide it even further by adding this:

width: 610px; height: 511px; z-index: 12; visibility: visible”

 Sure it’s visible.  Just show me where?  So report these bastards to Google and get them banned.

Search query is san diego real estate and the resulting page is

Once again Google has rewarded these cheaters with a nice ranking considering the competitive nature of their biz.


4 responses to “SEO Cheaters…these bastards

  1. lol, i agree, definatly cheating, kewords stuffing off the page, but I have to know, do you check the code of every website you visit?

    If googlebot checks the color of text and the background to make sure that links / words are visible, surely it would automatically check the position of the divs??

  2. No I don’t check the code on every site…I have somewhat of a life…I like to think. Usually, i find these sites from working on clients websites and either looking at competitors or just websites in the same industry but in other areas of the country.

    Pesonally, I don’t think the googlebot can effectively check for hidden text by looking at the color of the text and background. I have seen too many instances where websites get away with it for long periods of time. I think it’s become more of a scare tactic to deter people from doing it. And along those same lines…I am not confident in their ability to check for positions of divs.

  3. here is my favorite long time cheater: . the site has been 60% hidden text for the last 5 years. today they have just the top of the page as hidden. I assume if something is dirty on the top that it will be dirty through out the entire site… as the other poster mentioned… I do have a life and happen on these items as I do my day to day tasks.

    Although I never turn anyone in… I am optimistic that the engines will slowly shoot the fake sites down leaving the cream of the crop to rise to the top!!



  4. thanks for posting the cheater. I’ll report them to Google. Without reporting them to Google, we can’t help them see the mistakes they are missing.

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