Is Impeachment still off the table?

I know this isn’t getting a ton of press in the U.S. but in the foreign press they are eating it up.  Scott McClellan was always thought to be “one of Bush’s guys” but if you remember back to when he quit a lot of the speculation was that he was losing his credibility and that he couldn’t continue to lie to the press. 

So what will Congress do with this new information?  The democratic leaders keep saying that impeachment is off the table but this could change things.  Plus, how will republicans respond during an election year.  They won’t want to come off as soft on political corruption.  Honestly, I’m sure both sides want the story to go away so they don’t have to take a stand one way or the other which is probably why it’s not being pursued stateside. 


2 responses to “Is Impeachment still off the table?

  1. Moth,

    There’s an effort underway to force the House to confront these issues: An effort to challenge the Speaker, “Open all the doors to the impeachment investigation; or there will be a credible challange to you — now, before the election — to remove you as Speaker, and make way for imepachment. Please consider showcasing this approach (At link, under “Anonymous” ) on your blog; and discuss this with your friends at Daily Kos. Thank you.

  2. Obviously they dopn’t want to make a big deal of this right now. there is a ton of money at stake. the current administration is really good and smoke and mirrors so I would expect the same on this

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